All The Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

We all know the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink,” which represents throwing everything you have got into something...a competition, a challenge, a new learning opportunity.  And while there is no mistaking that we are big on kitchen sinks, why should they get all attention.  You see where this is going.  What about the bathroom sink? When you are looking to renovate your bathroom, the sink is an important decision that does come with some options. So, while we are not going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you, we are going to help you to learn about all the different types of bathroom sinks. 

Once you develop an understanding of the different types of bathroom sinks, you can then start to evaluate and narrow in on which one might be the best for you and your bathroom. Let’s get the basics all sorted out so you can start to hone in on the right bathroom sink for you.  

Undermount Sinks

This type of bathroom sink is one you frequently see in a kitchen. However, an undermount sink is also very functional for your bathroom. An undermount sink is installed below a solid countertop. This way, the sink is lower than the countertop and has a basin set into it. 

When you are installing an undermount sink, it must be installed with a solid-surface countertop. Undermount sinks are a popular choice not only because they maximize on countertop space, but also because it is easy to wipe any liquid directly from the countertop into the sink basin.  Most undermount sinks are installed with a solid countertop material, with the most popular choices being engineered quartz, granite and solid surface. 

Wall Mounted Sinks

Wall mounted sinks are exactly as the sound. They are sinks that are mounted directly onto your wall. This sink can be a perfect option for anyone who is looking to make the most out of a bathroom that feels too small. Because the sink is mounted directly onto the wall, it does not require a countertop, base, legs, or a cabinet underneath it. It can literally be as simple as the sink basin directly mounted onto the wall, leaving you as much space as possible.  You can also install the sink at any height you would like, offering some additional flexibility in deciding the optimal height for those who will be using the bathroom.  

Consider that with a wall mounted sink, the piping underneath it will most likely be exposed. It also will sacrifice any storage you currently have with a more traditional cabinet and vanity top combination.  

Traditional Integral Bowl and Top

This is one of the most popular and almost timeless styles for a bathroom sink. It is slightly different than the undermount sink, because the sink is built directly into the vanity top creating one continuous piece. The sink and the deck are typically made out of the same material to create a seamless countertop and appearance of one single piece. This creates a clean visual in any bathroom space that makes the sink unobtrusive and subtle.

Pedestal Sinks

The pedestal sink type is a stand alone, and is a popular consideration because it takes up very little floor space. This sink is literally a pedestal, where the basin of the sink is connected to a pillar or support that covers some but typically not all of your plumbing.  They typically have a narrow base along with a wide basin. To visualize it, you might think of the shape of a birdbath or a water fountain. 

Vessel Bowl Sinks

Vessel Bowl sinks are a fun contemporary twist on when it comes to choosing your bathroom sink. A vessel bowl sinks sits directly on the deck of your vanity countertop. They do not require any type of undermount installation, as they are fully sitting on the countertop. Commonly referred to as “countertop sinks,” they will need a pop-up drain installed with them and will require a cutout hole in the deck of the countertop as well. Because they are sitting on the countertop, they tend to be a little higher than a traditional sink depending the style and design you go with.  

Self Rimming Sinks

Self rimming sinks are very similar to vessel sinks, but they are arguably an even simpler option.  Comparable to more traditional kitchen sinks, a self rimming bathroom sink can be easily installed into the countertop with a cutout done to the dimensions of the bowl. The rim of the sink extends wider than the bowl and is adhered to the deck of the vanity countertop.  Also called “drop-in” sinks, they are relatively easy to install and do not take up a considerable amount of space.  A word of caution…make sure you have a water tight seal where your sink and vanity top deck meet.  

Console Sinks

A console sink is essentially a modern day variation of a pedestal sink and a wall-mounted sink. The “counter” is mounted to the wall, but does not have a cabinet underneath it. It has an exposed base that gives the appearance of being hung on the wall but in reality is supported by two legs or by four legs underneath to provide stability and sturdy support. This sink is a great option for a bathroom that is pressed for space and you want to keep an open feel to.

There is also the option to place open shelves underneath the open base to allow for storage. It is another option if your goal is to create a bathroom with a contemporary and sleek look as it takes up less space than a more traditional sink or sink and cabinet combination. 

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