All The Mistakes Not To Make During Your Bathroom Renovation

So, you are finally ready to get your bathroom renovation started. This is a moment that you have been thinking about for a long time now - but because you have been thinking about it for a long time, you have also probably been thinking about all the things that might go wrong.

A bathroom remodel is an exciting time, but also a time where you do not want to make any mistakes. Working together with your designer and your contractor, along with being mindful of these bathroom renovation mistakes will help direct you to all the right moves during your new bathroom remodel.

Start Your Bathroom Remodel By Asking Why

Before you start your bathroom remodel, take a minute to really ask and grill yourself on why. Why exactly do you want to get your bathroom remodeled?  The answer, or answers, are essential to avoiding mistakes. Do you want to let more light into the space? Do you want to make the area bigger? Are you looking to update the style?

Consider as well whether you will be selling the home and want to remodel the bathroom in order to make the value go up.  Conversely, your answer might be that this is your forever home. People who do not ask themselves why before they get started can find themselves in talks with their contractor confused about the direction that their remodeling project is going in. Knowing the answer to these questions, even though they may seem simple, will help to set the stage for the entire remodeling process to go much more smoothly.

Do Not Try to Be Too Trendy

Be warned!  If you are going along too closely with all the trends of the times, there is a greater chance that in a few years you are going to have an outdated bathroom. One of the most common mistakes seen is trying to follow what is popular, only to want to remodel again after only a few years because it is not longer in style. Play it a little safer.  You can keep your color scheme more neutral as a start. Regardless, if you truly love a trend and know it is going to be something that keeps you happy and brings you joy for a long time, then by all means, choose that option for your bathroom.  In those cases, you have already answered the why! 

Think Carefully About Plumbing

One of the things that remodeling your bathroom gives you the option to do is move plumbing.  Depending on your bathroom configuration or even where it is located in the house, the degree of difficulty can vary significantly and in most cases changes are not easily undone.  Another why in the remodeling road that is not easily undone, is changing where the plumbing is laid out. Talk to your designer and contractor for their professional input on what they think the most optimal plumbing layout possible is, and if they can work with the plumbing situation you currently have. Again, ask yourself why and if changing is totally necessary.

Another word of caution?  Know your limits with plumbing and doing this work yourself. There are a few small things that you can do in your bathroom on your own, but discuss what you are confident with and where you should be getting professional help from an experienced expert.

Be Mindful Of The Little Things

Two things that make a big impact on your bathroom that are easy to change? The vanity top faucet and the mirror. Mirror placement can be key in enhancing the way that your bathroom looks and feels and, when placed as a focal point, can even make the bathroom appear larger.

Switching faucets out is a fairly simple hardware change, but has the ability to make a big visual statement. Over time, old faucet handles tend to get worn and show off the pounding that they have been taking.  Swapping them out for new ones can give your bathroom a whole new look.

Avoid Improper Ventilation

Ventilation is perhaps one of the most important things for your new bathroom remodel.  Ensuring proper ventilation is vital. Without it your bathroom will maintain moisture, which means that mold could start to grow. Designing your new bathroom renovation for good airflow is not just about opening up your bathroom windows.  It is making sure sure your bathroom fan is strong enough to remove moisture to get the job done. 

Dull Lighting

Your bathroom can be the most beautiful bathroom in the world, but when your lighting is not bright enough it will literally overshadow everything and make everything look a little less perfect.  Light up your vanity mirrors with wall sconces in addition to overhead lighting.  A little bit of lighting can go a long way.  Go too skimpy on the lighting and your bathroom could feel even smaller.

Choose the Right Flooring for the Job 

You can ask your contractor and designer for advice on flooring.  Depending on your budget, you might want to go with something simple and cheap.  Or you could be able to spend a little more and go for natural stone or marble. But the choices you absolutely must avoid to keep from making a huge mistake to make during your bathroom renovation - adding carpet or wood flooring. Most professionals would be able to talk you out of that decision.

Order the Right Materials

It is near a guarantee that during your bathroom remodel you will want to replace all your bathroom fixtures. This could require opening up the wall and seeing what is inside. We all know the knobs that turn the water on and off on the outside.  But on the inside, valves attach to those knobs. Once you open up the wall and see what the knobs are attached to, you will want to consider materials that work with the valves inside of the wall already to make installation much easier. Ignoring this could be costly to your bathroom if you do not factor into your project considerations.

At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we know what to do to ensure you that your bathroom remodel will have no mistakes. We can help prepare you for every step of your bathroom renovation, asking questions and providing ideas and information to assist you with the entire process. Your remodeled bathroom is waiting for you, and now that you know the mistakes to avoid you are fully prepared to go forward with your plans for the bathroom renovation you have been dreaming about.

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