Emerging 2022 Trends in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Live, work, and play- this slogan is in almost every planned community. That’s what our homes, particularly our kitchens and bathrooms, became over the last year and a half. We lived in them a lot - these are the hearts of our homes. 

Whether you have been holding out on that new kitchen or bathroom, or are gathering ideas as we speak, here are 3 emerging trends each for both kitchens and bathrooms for 2022.    


3 Emerging 2022 Kitchen Trends 

1. Bid Adieu to the Open Concept? Here Comes the Closed-Off Kitchen

When the open kitchen concept first hit the scenes, people were excited. Finally, there was a chance to merge their living rooms and kitchens into one. The flow of activities delighted them. They no longer had to yell at each other from the other room. Instead, kids could sit in the living room, playing their games, while parents looked at them from the kitchen, whipping up a meal or two. So, what went wrong with this concept?

  • High costs: Costs put off most people who had to account for plumbing, electrical or structural changes.
  • Limited storage options: Where do you locate most of your cabinetry? On walls! With walls out of the way, people found themselves tackling storage issues.
  • Sharing the mess: Our kitchens are not always sparkly. Accidents, or life, just happen.  A pot boils over, your cake crumbles all over the sofa and floor, and a guest walks into it all of it.  
  • A matter of privacy: Not everyone wants their cooking on display, be it guests or family peeking in from the living room.  Isn’t the heat of the appliances enough? 

Enter the closed kitchen layout. It allows cooks to keep guests from snooping on their progress and hide their messes. Or be as loud as they want without interrupting activities in the other room. Coupled with the added storage and the appeal of formal dining, closed kitchens are tipped to hit in 2022!

2. Less is More: Why Minimalism is Spreading Like a Wildfire

Minimalism has spread fast, not only in kitchens but also in people’s lives overall. Why? It helps you appreciate what you have and be content with it. People are now questioning their purchases instead of chasing more material things and getting more entrenched in the rat race.  Now, this questioning has eased its way into the kitchen. Do you need all those pots and pans? Why do you have six sets of tea mugs in a house with two people? Here are some of the reasons why minimalist kitchens will grow even bigger in 2022:

  • Less clutter: Did you know that being in a cluttered space affects your mental clarity? It happens when you walk into a kitchen that’s overfilled with items. How about only keeping what you need? The same goes for your design.  A free flow in the room will make it easier to focus on the recipes at hand.
  • Encourage creativity: What happens when you have a few items available in your kitchen? You start thinking of ways to use what you have.  As a result, you become much better at embracing scarcity and feel much better for it.  
  • Less costly: Whether it is items or design, the less you have and use, the less you should theoretically spend.  An appliance or dishes used once a year? Out! Instead, purchase only appliances and accessories you know you will use.
  • Quality over quantity: Minimalist kitchens require less, which may afford you a better quality product to buy.  So for the kitchen, consider the best appliance, look at the highest performing countertop or special finish for cabinetry. 

A bonus… it is easier to maintain!


3. Green it is!

Surprise.  We are not talking about green products or energy here - This is about the color green and what makes it so unique.

  • It is calming: Green signifies nature, creating a soothing effect in the kitchen. It calms you, enabling you to focus on the task at hand. Even when the recipe seems impossible to hack, you will somehow maintain a level head.
  • It is versatile: Green comes in various tones and works with most colors. For the best effect, choose greens you would ordinarily find in nature.  If natural textures and tones just aren’t you, choose to be colorful by taking a bolder twist. 
  • It inspires energy: Bright colors like green are highly energetic. You feel more capable of achieving even the most challenging tasks when you have endorphins rushing through your system.


Now how about bathrooms? The average adult spends about half an hour in the bathroom each day. For some people, it’s even more than this. It might even be more time than you spend in the kitchen!  Here are three key bathroom trends pacing 2022:

3 Emerging 2022 Bathroom Trends 

1. The Japandi Bathroom

Japanese and Scandinavian cultures have a thing in common: bathing is a serious ritual. And you know how people get when they enjoy an activity -- almost anything to make it as comfortable as possible. That’s the premise of the Japandi bathroom, to create a haven where you can relax, wash away stresses and bath in serenity.

This bathroom features functionality, clean lines and simple décor. The effect is airy, bright, and spacious, just what you need for a calming bath. This embodiment of structure and balance makes this concept such a winner.

A Japandi bathroom is also simplistic. Its ties with minimalism require that you declutter the space, only leaving what’s essential, including cabinetry and accessories. Only keep what you need to avoid distracting your mind from the bathing process.

Here are more tips on executing a Japandi bathroom:

  • Keep it neutral: Bold and bright colors won’t cut it for a calming and functional space. Go with whites, beiges, and similar hues instead. Feel free to play around with textures to give the eyes something soothing to delight in.
  • Add raw elements: Add wood to the bathroom for a touch of natural beauty.   It can be anywhere from the wall to the cabinetry to the floors.
  • Bring in the outdoors: Bring in nature by potting real plants in the bathroom.

While you should focus on neutrals, a splash of black can bring in the aspect of depth. We recommend doing this when accessorizing the room for added visual interest.


2. The Wet Room

What if the whole room could be a shower room? Think about it. You walk in, splash water every way, and don’t need to worry about cleaning up. How great would that be?

Enter the wet room, a waterproof bathroom space fitted with a flush drain. The minute you walk in, you are already in the shower space. It is a blessing to people with mobility issues. Of course, if you are keen on having an enclosure, you can always add a glass panel.  Should you get one? Wet rooms are ideal if you want:

  • More versatility in design: These spaces don’t feature the typical obstructions in shower enclosures. With that out of the way, you can design the open space as you please.
  • Added value: Most people consider the return on their investment when renovating. A wet room gives you a handsome return. Its simplistic design is an undeniable strong point as it imparts a sense of luxury.
  • More space: This point ties in with the added design versatility. Gone are the traditional fittings and fixtures of the conventional bathroom, allowing you to enjoy more room for yourself.
  • Easy maintenance: Are you tired of breaking your back when cleaning your bathroom? With a wet room, the whole space gets wet when you use the bathroom. It’s easy to mop the place when you are done and leave it clean.
  • Better accessibility: People with mobility issues often struggle with traditional shower enclosures. Wet rooms offer accessibility a traditional layout cannot.                  


3. Wood Effect Tiles

The natural texture and look of wood make it the ideal choice for any relaxing space. But using wood on the bathroom floor has often been a source of debate. The alternative: wood effect tiles! They look just like original wood and are perfect for bathroom flooring. The tiles feature wood imprints in porcelain or ceramic to mimic actual wood. You can use them on the walls too. And being a tile only adds to their longevity.  

  • Durability: Unlike natural wood, these tiles are strong and can withstand exposure to moisture. They also don’t scratch or mark, making them ideal for long-term use.
  • Consistent Hue: Wood fades over time, but this will not be an issue with wood effect tiles. The tiles will maintain their colors no matter how much the sun shines on them or how high the temperatures become.
  • Design Options: Lay tiles to create the pattern you want. Play around with classic designs or take on a modern layout to see what brings out the best. You also get to enjoy a range of colors. Go with a deep mahogany effect or impart lighter tones in the room.  It is up to you!
  • Easy Maintenance: Caring for wood can be a lot, but tiles are made for harsh conditions like those in the bathroom. They will hold up over the years without going out of your way to maintain them.

The best part? Wood effect tiles hold their form and will not warp. That is more than can be said about actual wood!


Whether it is the kitchen, the bathroom or any room of the home you want to design and add cabinets to, we are ready to talk to you about ideas, trends and more in 2022! So, talk to our kitchen and bathroom designers about finding the right design and ideas for your home, and let’s start the new year with a plan for your new spaces!

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