How to Renovate For a Warm Kitchen Design

When you are going to renovate your kitchen, it is an exciting time for everyone. You (and others) are dreaming of everything that the space could be. A new place to entertain, to cook, and, at the end of the day, look at with pride. Creating a warm kitchen design and feel will help bring everyone together.  Who doesn't want to feel warm, comfortable and cozy in their own kitchen?


The colder months can be more difficult.  Everyone wants their home to feel as bright and welcoming while still creating warmth, especially from the kitchen. Here are some ways you can renovate for a warm kitchen design to give your kitchen the inviting feel that you are looking for.


Incorporate Wood Elements

You can quickly warm up a kitchen design by adding wood to at least one surface of your kitchen. Use wood elements in places you might not have thought about before, such as wood countertops or a wooden exhaust hood. While wood cabinets and wood floors are what you might expect, adding one more element can help invite a natural homey feeling into the space. Plus, with so many options in wood besides oak and maple, you can get really creative.  


If you are not ready to add a wood piece to your area or feel you have enough larger elements of wood in your space, go simpler and smaller with wooden accents. Options for wood decorations or wooden picture frames - are endless. 


Add Texture

Many times, kitchen remodels can end up looking cold or a more modern look because they use smoother surfaces and streamlined design features. There is definitely nothing wrong with a modern kitchen, but sometimes that more sleek feel can add up to an overall colder vibe. To add more warmth to your own modern kitchen design, do not be afraid to add the detail of texture to your kitchen. 


You can add texture to a kitchen just by paying attention to the details. On your kitchen cabinets, talk to your designer about what hardware will add that texture and warmth. Cabinet pulls or knobs break up the flat surface of a cabinet door or drawer with ease. You might also consider adding a small rug with a no-slip bottom to the space where you stand to wash dishes. 


Layer Lighting

When you are renovating to create your own warm kitchen design, adding warm lighting to the area is one of the most obvious moves to warm that space. Shades of orange and yellow lights will accomplish this best. 


You can take your lighting a step further and give the lighting more texture by layering. Add accent lights to your space, directing them so that different lights hit the same areas of the room. You can play with different hues of lighting, and make your accent lights big or small. Of course, natural lighting is the best lighting to add warmth to a room. If adding new windows to your kitchen is an option, then ask your designer what areas for a new window would have the biggest impact on the space and how you use it. You can also take into consideration adding a skylight if viable or a feature you are set on to really open up your space to new levels of warmth. 


Play with Color Scheme

We all see a lot of kitchens that are white. And when you think of a warm kitchen design, you might not immediately associate white cabinets or other elements with warmth. Talk with your designer about elements and colors that can create warmth in a white kitchen. The color scheme you put together can balance out the white with the elements of warm design you are looking for.   Discuss the opportunities where you can play with color throughout the space.


You can add colored bar stools to the kitchen island, decorative pictures to the wall (or walls) with traditionally warm colors, or consider other decors that brings in elements of color and warmth or both to the area. As long as you mix and match within the space and create a cohesive look, warm elements thoughtfully designed throughout the area can bring everything together. It is up to you to decide how many different accents and colors you would like to play with.


Bring in Nature

There is nothing warmer than elements of nature. Where you are adding touches of color throughout your kitchen, incorporate natural elements as much as possible. Wood is a natural element, but it is not your only option. You can also bring in hearty plants to decorate your space, from corners in the kitchen to lining them along the kitchen sink. Dotting plants throughout the entire space brings life to the area, adding a touch of green and nature to make an otherwise cold space just a bit cozier.  


Get Literal

When we say that we want to renovate for a warm kitchen design, we are talking about adding a variety of different elements to the space that create a feeling of comfort and coziness. But you can also get literal too, because what else is cozier than actually being warm and toasty?


You can add a fireplace to your kitchen, especially if you have a kitchen that opens up into a family room. Kitchens with fireplaces can sometimes even double up, and incorporate that as a secondary cooking space. Not only will it add a huge amount of visual warmth visually, but it will also literally add real warmth to your area and make your kitchen look unique. Some people are taking it further and adding a fireplace to their kitchen islands.


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