In Stock Cabinets Are Not Just For Kitchens Anymore

Let’s explore some ideas!

What comes to your mind when you hear in-stock cabinets? For many people, the first instinct to associate these cabinets with the kitchen comes naturally. After all, they have more than served the kitchen cabinetry role for decades. However, relating them with other rooms might not be the first thought to cross your mind. In-stock cabinets have much more to offer your home and can do it right now because they are actually in stock. With some simple but thoughtful design ideas, you can elevate and transform these cabinets to pretty much serve any room in the house. Curious how this can work? Here are some ideas by room:

In-Stock Cabinets for Bathrooms

If you feel that your bathroom storage is not enough, you are not alone. Many homeowners feel the same way. But that’s nothing that an in-stock cabinet cannot fix. With in-stock cabinetry, you can:

  • Create a design with more storage or countertop space: Displaying your bath bombs and cosmetics is about to get interesting.
  • Add cabinets to the current design or layout to make better use of space: With so many hidden nooks in the bathroom, why not add some cabinets to accentuate the walls and complete the overall look?
  • Replace pedestal sink storage with a small cabinet to create more storage and reduce the clutter in the space. It will fit right in place of the pedestal sink.

In-Stock Cabinets for Laundry Rooms & Mudrooms

Has your laundry room been reduced to a disorderly mess? Is your mudroom simply functional but has no appeal to it? Fix this with in-stock cabinets:

  • For storage and organization: Create more room to organize your essential supplies and keep them out of sight. If not for the appeal, you may want to do this for safety in houses with children and pets.
  • Creating countertop landing space: Whether you are folding or ironing your clothes, why not have a nice space where you can pass time doing these chores?
  • Creating a seating area if space allows: People often pop into the mudroom, grab a garment and speed off. But you can get much more out of this space by allowing people to catch a breath as they put on their shoes and jackets.

In-Stock Cabinets for Wine and Coffee Bars

Tired of the same old bar concepts? Spruce things up with a few in-stock cabinets! They work to:

  • Create a dedicated area for one bar type, or as a hybrid for both: With some lovely décor to match the cabinetry, all your guests will be happy to join the party.
  • Add storage and organization: Use large cabinets to store your ice buckets, racks, and even kegs. It makes the overall look more seamless and makes it easier to tidy up after a fun night or caffeine-filled morning.
  • Enhance the room’s look with a finished area: A tidy bar tucked at the far end of the kitchen or in plain sight is an easy way to get a conversation going. Be sure to use the bar’s colors and style as a complement to the containing room.

In-Stock Cabinets for Home Offices

With working from home weaving its way into people’s hearts, why not make your home office more conducive to productivity? In-stock cabinets can help you:

  • Create a workstation: You won’t need much save for some cabinets, a few shelves here and there, a chair, and a desk.
  • Increase organization and reduce clutter: You can put away items as soon as you are done using them in the cabinets. That way, you can have a neat space where you can even hold meetings and Zoom calls without raising eyebrows from your guests.
  • Make the room more inviting and comfortable to work in: The more conducive your office is to work, the easier it will be to spend hours on end without feeling the urge to pop by the kitchen. 

In-Stock Cabinets for the Dining Room

Does your dining room need that extra oomph? In-stock cabinets may be the answer!

  • Create a buffet for serving and storage: Wondering how you can serve buffet goals with stock cabinets? It’s quite easy. Simply join a few cabinets, add a countertop and some molding. Just like that, you are now a top host. Additionally, you can use the cabinets to store more items and reduce clutter in the room as you show off your fine cutlery.
  • Give the room a more modern look than the traditional dining room: Why stick to a traditional feel if you want your dining room to have a modern vibe? 

In-Stock Cabinets for Bedrooms

This point may have you a bit floored. After all, how do in-stock cabinets move from the kitchen to the bedroom of all places? You can use them:

  • To create a makeup station: Why fumble with your eyeliner in the bathroom when you can very well get it right from the comfort of your room?
  • To create a desk for remote learning: For students who are doing online learning, a desk station is a practical way to keep up with classes without leaving the room.
  • To add storage and reduce visible clutter: Even with ceiling-height closets, you can still face some clutter in the room. You can think of a cabinet as a way to deal with those small items that seem to get in the way of order.

In-Stock Cabinets for Playrooms

All work and no play… Now, here’s another one. All play and no order makes cleanup a challenge. You can always rely on in-stock cabinets:         

  • For organization: Once the children are done playing, store the items away in the cabinets to avoid accidents and also create some order in the room. You can also use this as a learning tool by teaching the kids some responsibility.
  • To impart some style in the room: Your cabinets can either echo the room’s look or add another dimension to it for that extra pop. Whether you choose to go for a simple décor or add some edge, cabinets will have you covered.

In-Stock Cabinets for Entertainment Rooms

Friday nights are about to become bigger and better by adding some organization to the itinerary. Sure, that might sound like a damper but you will soon appreciate how much a little organization goes:

  • To increase the storage: While you might not be popping DVD’s into the entertainment system, you still need space for extras such as 3D viewing glasses, popcorn holders, snacks; the whole shebang.
  • To reduce clutter, distraction, and focus on the entertainment element of the room: With so many pieces positioned all over the room, it’s easy to get lost in all the detractors. But by organizing all your stuff, the seamless look will make it much easier for you to focus on what’s most important.
  • To add some style to the room: Generally, entertainment rooms have a simple look. You have the screen, the games, the seats, the curtains and it all comes together. By adding some cabinets, you can enhance the look and make it a bit away from the norm.


How else can these in-stock cabinets impart some charm to your space? We have more ideas. Reach out to us now and discuss your options with expert kitchen and bathroom designers.

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