Are Quartz Countertops a hard choice for your kitchen? Yes. And No.

What is it with countertops? The kitchen countertop does it all.  It is where you huddle with loved ones over hot cocoa on cold mornings or evenings, where you talk at length with your family casually over your day or deeply over next career moves.  It is where you teach your guests the secret to your mouthwatering mojitos or the perfect pesto. Where you dutifully meal prep, week in and weekend. Your countertop is more than a kitchen surface - it is a foundational element of your entire kitchen. Whatever you select to go on this surface impacts every other little thing that takes place around it. So yes, your countertop is that important.

What are Quartz Countertops?

Walk into a Reico Kitchen & Bath showroom, and the variety of choices in countertops will jump at you. Wood, concrete, marble, granite... yet with all these options, the popularity of quartz is still on the rise despite its often higher price tag. What makes this option so unique and desirable that people are willing to pay more?

Let’s start with a simple breakdown of quartz material. What is it? Silicon and oxygen. Most quartz countertops on the market are 90% silicon and oxygen and 10% polymers and resins. The latter are unavoidable because they bind the quartz together for a stronger surface than quartz in its natural state.

Adding these polymers and resins means that all quartz countertops are not equal, or boast the same quality. Working with reputable brands, dealers and fabricators is the best way to avoid buying quartz countertops that are of lower quality. 

Why Invest in Quartz Countertops?

Wondering exactly why quartz countertops still win popularity contests? Here are some compelling reasons:


Who wants to keep investing in countertops year after year? Everyone wants a good ROI on their kitchen remodel, and what better way than investing in quartz! It offers significant resistance to cracking, chipping, or scratching easily and rates a hard 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. For comparison, marble comes in at 3-5, while diamond is a 10! Keep in mind that does not mean it will not break or show damage. It only means that it is less likely to compared to materials lower on the scale.


If you are all about elegant and modern designs, quartz countertops are the material for you. Technology allows manufacturers to play about with virtually any combinations of colors and designs. From uniform patterns to ranging hues, as well as differing edge profiles, the list is endless. So while it may largely be a natural material, it is by no means boring. You can find a choice that matches just about anything, from cabinetry and flooring to even a backsplash! And if you want to veer closer to granite and marble patterns, you can find lookalike quartz countertop alternatives. 


What is one of the leading concerns when it comes to concerns about any countertops? Spills! Try as you might, you will eventually spill some sort of staining liquid on your countertop. It might be orange juice, wine, fresh salsa, or something else. Porous materials happily absorb it all up which often results in staining and discoloration that take away from the elegance of any surface, especially in the kitchen. How great is it then that most quartz countertops are non-porous? No worrying about resealing, or enjoying a cup of coffee. Goodbye stains and microbial growth!

Ideas for Quartz Countertops

Now that we have embraced the allure of quartz and its performance capabilities, what options are there to consider? 2021 has paved the way for many ideas that are sure to make your kitchen look like a dream.

The Clean Look

Minimalism has taken over the kitchen space, and white is all the craze. Installing a white quartz countertop would blend in with such an aesthetic, offering a variety of light to heavy veining depending on the look you are going for.  We have seen that quartz is easy to maintain and would not cause you a headache even with a white surface. To make the white pop a bit more, adding some metallic accents to your cabinets could be the right touch. 

The Cascading Look

Have you seen the waterfall edge trend? It features a countertop that goes beyond the vertical, returning horizontally on the ends to touch the floor. The result creates the look and feel of a waterfall. Not only does it create visual interest, but it also provides you just a little more countertop space as the edge extends a little further out. What’s not to love about that?

The Dramatic Look

Can you ever go wrong with black? It imparts elegance in any space and ties every other aspect together. It looks even better against natural wood cabinetry, but you are always free to try other looks. Avoid too much black in a small kitchen, as this can rob you of the illusion of space.

The Safe Option

Do you have children and pets running around the house? Then square edges might not be the best choice in your case. How about looking at rounded edges? A little safer, they also create soft lines in the kitchen which add to its warmth.

The Radiant Look

Does your kitchen need a splash of colour? Your countertop could be the perfect way to lend this hue to your space. With an orange countertop (yes, we said orange), you can radiate positivity into the space and embrace a touch of modernism.  

The Blended Look

Rather than go for one color of quartz, how about you combine colors? Combining two finishes immediately adds depth and dimension to your kitchen while barely lifting a finger. To make the effect even more striking, consider multiple colors with your cabinetry.  A different finish for the island is a popular choice for many. 

The Laid-Back Look

Is your kitchen a hub of comfort? Your quartz countertop can prove as much by oozing coziness. How? By embracing natural materials in your cabinets to match the warmth of your countertop. Choose a quartz countertop with more of a marble-like appearance and enjoy watching the warmth of light bounce off its surface.

The Earthy Look

How about a creamy countertop? A hard surface with the soft allure of more earthy tones works for many kitchens, calmly tying in with the room’s natural comfort. To make it blend in even more, add soft tones all around the cabinets, shelves, and hardware.

Not sure what quartz countertops are going to work for you? We would love to walk you through the available options with matching cabinetry. Book a consultation with us, and one of our expert designers will get back to you with a wealth of options. 

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