Make Your Kitchen More Joyful With a Splash of Color

Have you ever thought about the effect of hue in a space? Think about it. Walk into a dining room painted red and suddenly (mysteriously?), you are feeling up for another bite. Yet, if you were to walk into the same room only with dark hues that might not be the case. Color comes in handy in many ways. First, it imparts the space with a vibe – be it moody, playful, neutral, romantic - you name it!  It also brings in the aspect of illusion. Use bright colors in a small space and your guests will hardly notice how cramped the area is. But choose some moody hues and the room's size becomes apparent. Let’s not forget the functionality of color – homes with pets and kids do better with subdued hues. After all, you do not want streak marks showing on your white walls do you?

Is there more that color can do? Yes! It also communicates your style. You can exude your true essence playing around with hues. Exactly what color are you? Are you the loving host who dotes on their guests with one homemade recipe after the other? Or are you the host who prefers to have cocktails over dinner on quiet Sunday evenings? Whatever it is, let your color follow this flow!

Color is everything in a kitchen. That is why more people go for contrast. By combining strong yet blending hues, you can create just enough pop of color that will bring out the best in your kitchen…and hopefully you too!. So, which colors are the winners?  Here are 5 combos that can create your splash:

Green and Gold

These are two uniquely beautiful colors. One leans into nature, reminding you of the need to remain grounded and showcasing the simplicity of the outdoors. Its calming effect might be just what you need as you move from one hot dish to the other, frantic to satisfy your starving family or guests. Then there is gold – a color bathed in luxury, one that reminds you of the finer things in life. So how do you combine simplicity and a tad of opulence? Easy! One idea is to use gold on the accessories. It will brighten the space, giving it a royal vibe. And where does the green go? On the cabinetry, of course! There’s nothing as calming as walking into a room filled with grounding elements. Add some white on the islands and countertops, and you will have quite a beautiful kitchen.

Two Shades of Blue

Once upon a time, monotone kitchens were a thing. You would renovate your kitchen and choose just about any color that went with the vibe. As a safe choice, people often leaned heavily on white. If they dared to dream, creamier colors followed. Even as two-finish kitchens started growing in popularity, the tendency to use white as the base color stayed strong. Who can blame us? White is an easy fall back color. How can you go wrong when combining any other hue with the simplest of them all?  It is a no-brainer.  Everything goes with white.

While the thought of combining two similar shades of one color might seem daunting, here is an easy one for anyone who does not want to veer too far from the norm – two shades of blue: a light blue and a standard blue. Picture the sea and the sky. One is deep, wondrous and casts you into a realm of possibilities. Like green, it is also grounding and helps you connect to nature. Then there is sky blue – fleeting, light, joyful, and somehow unbounded from deep thoughts. It is also a perfect fitting of a somewhat moody sea blue.

So how can you use these hues in your kitchen? Have you seen the ombre effect? Using this approach, the cabinetry and fittings on the lower levels of your kitchen go darker blue. As you move from the midsection going up, go to the lighter blue. It creates a cascading effect and gives the illusion of a larger room, creating a subtle yet impactful contrast.

The best thing about this approach? It works for any two-color combination of the same hue. So, if blue is not your cup of tea try something else. Will it be two shades of green? How about pink? Dare we try two shades of yellow? The possibilities are endless!

Green and Gray

Green is one of the top color choices as start 2022. Has that changed? Not even close. The more people work from home, the more important the outdoors have become. Inviting the outdoors into our homes has now become a priority for many of us.  You can see just how well green fits this need. But what goes with green? How about gray? Its close ties to black are just what you need to inspire moodiness in the room. Most décor magazines are now leaning into dark and stormy hues. The reason? – They center the rooms.

But how would a gray and green combo work in a kitchen? With the gold and green combo, the gold took a backseat in lieu of the green. Now, green takes a back burner as gray takes over. Use gray on permanent fixtures like cabinets, drawers, and other elements. Then choose a light green hue and use it on the accessories to create that earthy feel.

Can the gloominess take over? Yes! The earthy feel of the green combined with the storminess of the gray can be overwhelming. So, if this combo feels too much for your space (especially smaller kitchens), add some white. Adding white to the mid to top sections of the kitchen should minimize or even eliminate the whole gloomy vibe. You can also add lighting to counter this effect even more.


Red and Green

At this point, you might be thinking “green again?”  Yes! Green is the color of the year, with so many ways for it to fit into the hearts of our homes. But you have already read enough about this hue, and you know the drill – earthy, calming, and perfect for the indoors. So, why not focus on what can bring out the heart in this haven? You likely know why the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we make our meals, catch up with our loved ones, and even entertain. And in the past few years, it has also become a meeting room to catch up on conference calls while brewing a cup of hot coffee. So, what color goes with the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you think of your kitchen?

Consider red. This hue is a true representation of the heart of your home, the kitchen. It oozes life, but that is not all that makes it special. Red is also known to trigger appetites and creates the perfect setting for lengthy meals and conversations. But as green and red are both bold colors, how can you make this combo work?  Use toned-down hues in each. For example, rather than go with a scarlet red, you go with a barn red. And for the green, avoid darker hues and opt for a sage effect instead.

The two can co-exist year around. Use the alternating approach again in this case, go red on the lower section of the kitchen and green on the accessories. Then from the mid-section go more green on the cabinets with hints of some red. It creates enough contrast without interrupting the seamlessness of the space. 

Blue and Orange

Let’s move away from the allure of the green outdoors for a moment. Instead, let’s borrow from the sea, sky, and any other great waters that remind us of stillness. That is the beauty of blue – it stills you. There is always something satisfying about standing by the shores and staring at the crashing waves. Even if you never get a foot into the water, you cannot help but feel refreshed. Now imagine having that beautiful hue and feeling engulfing your kitchen. It’s not impossible.   Start with some blue fixtures.

Of course, too much blue might feel a tad too dull by itself.  That is why we advocate for some orange here and there. Why orange? It is energetic, playful, exciting, and beautiful. Orange makes you and the kitchen feel brighter even when the lighting is wanting. Combining still and energetic hues might be what livens up your kitchen.

Start with a soft blue. You want one that reminds you of peaceful waters and one that will not  create too much contrast. Use this on the lower section of the kitchen. Then add some orange accessories, including rugs, hardware, and throw pillows or seat cushions. Bring the look home by painting most of the kitchen white so that the contrasting colors play out in the background.


Pairing contrasting or even blending colors is an art that brings out the beauty of your kitchen. We would love to hear your thoughts about your upcoming kitchen plans and how we can guide you to get it right as your one-stop shopping resource and partner. Contact us, and let’s see what will make your home’s heart throb even stronger this year! 

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