The Kitchen Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2021

With 2020 firmly in the rearview mirror, we have forged ahead into 2021 with new hopes and even new dreams.  However, when looking into the reflection of 2020 it is hard not to notice how much time we spent in our own kitchen. Maybe you jumped head first into new cooking adventures and tools like air fryers or at-home pasta makers, or you just gathered there to eat your takeout food as you supported local business. Regardless, spending all that time in your kitchen might have made you realize that there are more than a few things you do not really love about your kitchen. It is 2021 though, and that just might be the sign that a kitchen renovation is in your present and not out in the future.  To help you with that, here are some kitchen trends that you can expect to see throughout this year and beyond.


The Color Green

Green cabinets, in a variety of shades, are going to be popping up in kitchens in 2021. This goes along with a trend toward more natural design elements in general, where green fits right into the scene. 

Statement Stone

In tune with trending towards more natural elements in kitchens, using stone is going to continue rocking the trends this year. Whether it is for countertops, islands or backsplashes, natural stone is a way to make a statement in your kitchen. A stunning centerpiece of stone, whether it be marble, limestone, quartz or some other material, can make it a focal point of the kitchen that can be built around it.

Open Space

Wide, open kitchens with plenty of space are all the rage right now... and why wouldn’t they be? Everyone loves to be able to move freely about their kitchen space. Piggybacking onto that trend is the expanded use of open shelving.  This allows for the display of items that you might be using regularly in your kitchen, like pots and pans or any artwork you might want to show off.

Feeling Moody

While white kitchens are quite literally never going to go out of style, moody hues are big in kitchens right now. Darker cabinets blended with black or brown subway tile and deep hues on countertops can make for an edgy kitchen that still has a cozy feel. You can even blend the more moody colors with pops of white, so you are not left totally in the dark. 

Going Hybrid

Two uses is better than one, especially when we are talking about kitchen islands. Get the most out of your kitchen island!  More than a work space, let it double as a place to sit. Kitchen islands become especially functional when a seating area is incorporated into the design.  Whether you are sitting on the opposite side, or the seating is attached to the end of the island, prep work can be done away from where guests or family sit. Want to really double up in the kitchen? A trend right now is to have one small kitchen out of the sight of guests where all the prep and clean up work is done. The rest of the larger kitchen contains the oven, dishwasher, and other elements that the small kitchen does not.

Throwing it Back

Vintage pieces are making a return to the kitchen experience, especially vintage hutches. With nice tableware and glassware, a hutch allows you to show them off and use them as a decoration within themselves. A vintage touch can fill a room with warmth.  Want even more warmth (literally!) and vintage kitchen feel?  Add a fireplace or wood-burning stove into the space. 

Room to Vent

Oftentimes, a kitchen needs a vent hood for practical purposes. But just because it is practical, why not make it a little fun? Traditional vent hoods are most often stainless steel. Trendy vent hoods this year, though, are being transformed into works of art instead. Consider your vent hood a focal point and spruce it up with something customized to create a special and unique look to your kitchen. 

Staying Efficient

Just as in 2020, 2021 is even more focused on creating environmentally friendly kitchens. If you are conscious about your carbon footprint, consider all your options for efficiency when deciding on a kitchen remodel.  Whether it is locally sourced materials or water or energy efficiency, you have options out there. Do not overlook your windows either.  Installing energy efficient windows can make your kitchen lighter, brighter and help you save too.  

No Touching

It is no surprise that in 2021 we are all still feeling more conscious about germs. To that end, touchless faucets continue to emerge as a trend. Not only do they allow for added hygiene, touchless faucets are just efficient when it comes to water use. When you are holding multiple items or doing the dishes, the convenience of activating your faucet via voice or motion can make your chore much more simple. 

Bringing Outdoors In

Because we are staying at home more often than ever, one trend emerging in kitchens is the blending of outdoor and indoor spaces. Creating a visual or physical outdoor connection can help brighten the mood of the kitchen, and even make it more functional if your hosting is limited to more outdoor gatherings these days.  If your budget does not allow for knocking down a wall and creating a connection between your kitchen and the outdoors, then you can opt for simpler touches like bringing natural elements, such as plants or gardens, inside.

Brighten Up

While moody kitchens continue to trend in 2021 kitchen designs, so do bright pops of color. Many kitchens even choose to combine these two trends. Add a dash of yellow or orange or whatever you want your accent color to be. The unexpected boldness of a bright accent color can add intrigue to any space. From your appliances to simple knick knacks on your open shelves, this is a great way to bring texture into the area.

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