Top Ideas for Your Shower Renovation

Many of us would openly admit that the shower is where we do some of our best thinking.  Is this okay?  Of course.  But that is not what this is about. A bathroom remodel represents the chance to channel that best thinking in the shower to your best thinking about your shower!  Isn’t it about time that you designed your shower remodel to go along with all of those good (and soon to be even better) shower thoughts?  Let us help you get down to business with remodeling ideas for your shower renovation.

Rub a Dub Dub, Go Without the Tub

A current, huge trend in shower renovation is to ditch that tub you have that you barely use, and ramp up the details and power of your shower. Ask yourself the following questions to see if going without a tub is a serious consideration:

  • Do you use your bathtub at least once a week? Once a month? If you have used your tub only once in a month, you might want to think about expanding your shower and eliminating your tub completely.
  • Do you have children or are planning to have children? It is easier to bathe your kids in the tub, so you might want to keep it as a consideration when the time comes.
  • Do you plan on having elderly people use the bathroom? Showers are easier for elderly people, because stepping over the lip of the tub can be a challenge.
  • Do you mind your bathroom being listed as a three quarter bath versus a full? Without a tub, it will be listed as three quarters - no matter how nice your shower is.

Make Room

Regardless of whether you have made the decision to remove your tub or keep your tub along with your shower, it is time to think about maximizing your shower space. One top idea for shower renovation that capitalizes on space is adding a quarter round shower to the area.

This is a clever, useful solution for any small space. Rounded corner showers with a sliding door that uses tracks helps save space, but can create a more luxurious shower experience. It also helps you to avoid any door obstructions that might occur from other designs.

In general, the shape of your shower can be customized to fit the space it needs to fit in. Ask your designer for some creative ways to give you the most space you can for your shower, whether that means curves, or potentially even moving the location of the shower in the bathroom altogether.

Raise the Roof

Yes, literally raise the roof. Perhaps the most important thing to make sure you are getting enough of in your shower is ventilation. Of course, you can do this with a window or an exhaust fan. Another way is to literally raise the roof - or increase the circulation at ceiling level.

This is not a low-budget move, but it can be an amazing addition to your bathroom. If your house allows it, you can expand your shower ceiling upward, and allow for much more space overall.

Create a Niche

The more storage you have in your bathroom, the better. So why not add niches into your shower? These recessed cubbies designed into the walls of the shower allow you to store your soaps, shampoos, body wash, or anything else that otherwise might end up cluttered on the bathroom floor, the side of the sink or any available space in the bathroom. You do not always have to stop at just one either.  Based on available needs and space add two or three shower niches. It is adding additional shelf space to your bathroom that you did not even know you had.

Get Your (Shower) Head in the Game

Literally, get your shower head in the game. It does not have to be just your old shower head anymore - time to bench it. You can make it a statement, or make it blend into the walls. But you want performance.  When you are renovating your shower, it is definitely time for a new one.

The variety and options in shower heads available today range from functional to spa-like. A rainfall shower is a particularly luxurious choice, along with adding dual shower heads. Some shower heads even allow you to add essential oils into them. Or, you can simply spruce up your bathroom with some eucalyptus leaves.

Take a Seat

You already have shower niches holding your shampoo, so why not consider whether or not to add seating to your shower as well? Seating is a great option in particular for someone looking to age in place, but is beneficial to all ages when looking to be more comfortable in their shower.

Even small showers can accommodate for seating. It can be by adding a small shelf that folds up and is properly supported in the walls for the weight of the users.  This seating space can use accent tiles to make it stand out as more than just a “shelf” and create visual contrast. When you want to sit and scrub, this is an idea worth considering for your own smaller shower space.

No matter what ideas you have for your shower renovation, it is important to talk them over with professionals you trust in both bathroom design and installation. They can help you gain insight on just what renovations to best consider that your space will allow: whether you can have a walk-in shower, whether you should keep your tub, and if you are going to stay on budget with the ideas that you have.

Reico Kitchen & Bath knows how to help you determine what your renovation needs. From showers to tubs to the entire bathroom, we can help you with it all. When you are ready to finally take that step and renovate that bathroom and shower you have been waiting for, give us a call. We will work together and walk you through and every step of the process, starting with planning and not stopping until you have your dream bathroom. 

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