Creative Cabinet Solutions for Any Kitchen

If you find yourself struggling to find the utensils and dishes you need when you want them, it might be time to consider some creative cabinet solutions to increase your kitchen’s storage space. From drawer organizers that make it easy to organize your utensils, to roll-out trays that make it easier to get the food ingredients you need on the go, our kitchen design experts have creative ideas in cabinet accessories and design to transform a cluttered kitchen of cabinets into a functional kitchen with efficient storage. Whether you are just starting out designing your kitchen or you are looking for inspiration to improve your current setup, here are some popular and creative solutions to increase your cabinet efficiency.


Pull-out pantry storage

The most satisfying thing about pull-out pantry storage?  Most pull-out systems offer options that can accommodate both wider spaces for big pans and bowls as well as narrow spaces that can accommodate small items like wine cups, mason jars, and even spices. Plus with full-extension guides on your pull-out storage, access to your cooking utensils, pots, and pans has never been easier.


Give your Appliances a lift

Do you have heavy appliances like blenders or mixers taking up precious, useful space on your countertops? With a base mixer shelf, you can give any heavy appliance a lift. These mixer shelves pull out to you, making those heavy countertop appliances easily accessible when you need them and out of the way when you do not. Simply open the cabinet door, pull the appliance lift system and the shelf raises out and up to countertop height for you to use your appliance. It is versatile, offering options in size and width in storage while also creating more countertop space to work with.

A Door, able.  

The back of your cabinet door offers more options than you might realize. The right cabinet door storage solutions for you depend on your personal needs. For wall cabinets, this is most often in the form of small, mounted spice racks. In base cabinets, you might find pullout towel racks, cutting board, and tray storage or storage for cleaning supplies.  And don’t forget to tilt out sink trays behind the false fronts of your sink base cabinets. Nobody wants to see all of those sponges! 


Roll-out trays

Incorporating roll-out trays throughout the kitchen for your pots, pans, and cooking accessories offers you the freedom to create space for your kitchen items. They also alleviate some back-strain as well. . Utilize trays for specific purposes, taking into consideration as well location and where you would typically use items.

Two-tier organizers

Two-tier organizers are a great way to add storage space to your kitchen cabinets or drawers to maximize storage space not currently being utilized. Not only do they provide extra storage, but they look great too. They are stylish, practical, and will fit any kitchen. An example of a two-tier organizer can be seen in this Double Tier Silverware Drawer.  Simpler versions exist as well, such as for stacking rows of spices in your wall cabinet.  


Drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are a timeless, great way to keep your kitchen cabinet drawers organized and tidy. They allow you to divide the drawer into multiple sections, making them more functional. You can keep similar items together in the drawers. This will help to direct your hand to the exact utensil or tool that you need. The dividers prevent your utensils from sliding around in the drawers, holding them together in a permanent position, while making it easier to find them quickly when needed.

Not only will they help you to better organize your items, they enhance the look of your drawers. Divider drawers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, like wood, plastic, or metal.

Under-the-sink storage

The under-the-sink cabinetry area is one of the most ignored, yet potentially useful areas of unused cabinetry storage. You can incorporate storage behind the cabinet door where you can keep your cleaning supplies and extra paper towels. Depending on the plumbing location, you might be able to add pull-out drawers, or even go a step further with a bottom drawer sink base cabinet. With either option for pull-out storage, you will never need to dig into the back and corners for a sponge, soap, or trash bag. They stay out of sight but within reach when needed.

Wine storage

Wine storage is perfect for homeowners who love to entertain and want their wines to be available on demand. An average-sized wine storage can hold around ten bottles of wine, making it a great way to maximize storage while keeping your wine safe from accidental falls.

Open shelving or cabinet with glass doors

Open shelving or cabinet with glass doors can add functionality and a personal touch when incorporated into your cabinet design. You can get easier access to your kitchen supplies and spices, or showcase your favorite cookware or dishes. Not only do they make your kitchen more functional, but they also open up the space or reflect light, giving the illusion of space with a touch of style. 

A Kitchen island

If you are just starting out on designing your kitchen, why limit your kitchen prep space to the same countertop area or kitchen table? You are likely remodeling your kitchen with the idea for more storage, one of your many goals. Many homeowners have come to us for remodeling and cabinets over years solely because of storage problems. This is why we discuss kitchen islands as an opportunity for extra storage space whenever possible. 

Since kitchen islands are mostly used as prep space, you can put more thought into making your kitchen island cabinets the primary storage for basic food preparation tools such as knives, measuring cups, spatulas, chopping boards, and more. You can create more accessible cabinet space on your kitchen island with drawers. This will allow you to have more of your food essentials organized and within reach. 

Bottom Line 

From roll-out trays that make it easy to organize your kitchen utensils, to open shelves that create style and space, Reico Kitchen & Bath has creative ideas to find solutions for every kitchen. We understand that no two kitchens are alike.  Our kitchen design experts will carefully inspect your kitchen and design as well as how you use your kitchen to identify the cabinet solutions that will meet the unique needs of your cooking routine and match your overall kitchen design. 

We believe that good cabinet solutions are the key to making your kitchen work better, not just look better. Arrange a meeting with our kitchen design experts and learn more about cabinet solutions best for your kitchen. Start now by viewing some of our clients’ favorite kitchen cabinet solutions here. Or Contact us today to get started with your dream kitchen.

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