Walk-In Showers for Small Bathrooms: Do They Work?

Finding the right shower for your space can be challenging, particularly if you are working with a small bathroom. You want something that gives you value for your money yet does not overpower the entire bathroom. Can you find the perfect fit in a walk-in shower for your small bathroom? Let’s find out!

What is a Walk-In Shower?

If you look up images of walk-in showers, it is easy to get confused about what this concept entails. Some people think of it as a wet room. Others might think of it as a shower enclosure with short walls – the ideas are endless.

To start, let’s cover the basics of a walk-in shower:

  • It has no doors: Just as the name suggests, you just walk right in! This allows a free flow between the shower and other areas in the bathroom. And with a small bathroom this continuity creates space and the illusion of grandeur.
  • It has a glass panel: If you have used a wet room before (another popular bathroom concept), you know that the water flows every way. This does make the space easier to clean once you are done showering but it can also be quite messy. A walk-in shower utilizes a glass panel to contain the water within the shower tray to avoid this.
  • It comes with a shower tray: You can install the tray based on your plumbing. Some people have it level on the floor while others elevate it.

It is the combination of these three elements that make up the basics of a walk-in shower. 

Are Walk-In Showers Suitable for Small Bathrooms?

Now that we know the three elements to a walk-in shower, we can see that it is relatively easy to implement. But can it work for a small space? The answer is a resounding yes! 

Walk-in showers come in a range of sizes and styles. Without the door, the concept boils down to the shower tray and glass panel. Find the size that works with the space in your small bathroom and you will be good to go.  Plus, the door-free design allows you to create a more open flow without the cramped feeling a door would typically introduce. 

What Are the Perks of Walk-In Showers?

With walk-in showers gaining more relevance in the bathroom, you may already be considering the idea for your own bathroom. Below are its main selling points:

  1. It is Accessible: The traditional shower concept comes with various barriers. Doors, thresholds, barriers; you name it. These barriers make it hard for people with mobility issues to access the showers. The walk-in concept allows almost anyone to walk in, shower and leave as they please, lowering the risk of falling as one tries to get in or out of the shower. With fewer fittings, it is just easier to move around the shower space without getting hurt or knocking things over.
  2. It is Aesthetically Pleasing: Luxury has made its way into our homes, and bathrooms have been top on its list. More people are looking for ways to revamp their bathrooms and make them more spa like, even in a small bathroom! Who would not want some spa concepts for some added relaxation? The walk-in shower is one way you can do this. By removing barriers, you create a more open space. To make the space even more luxurious, you can introduce spray nozzles and a rain shower. The less clutter you have in a room, particularly a small one, the more awe-inspiring it becomes.
  3. It is Easy to Clean: You may have noticed that traditional bathrooms (while very nostalgia-inducing) come with a set of hygiene issues. The many curves and nooks are ideal for the buildup of mold and mildew, accumulating fast and being hard to reach and clean. In some cases, the dirt accumulates so much that water cannot easily drain from the shower. With a simple concept like the walk-in shower you can eliminate more of this in the design, making it easier for water to drain during showering and for cleaning the space.
  4. It is Versatile: Nobody wants a shower concept that bars you from being creative with the design. With a walk-in shower, you need not worry about this. These showers come in an array of sizes and styles, fitting in small and big spaces alike. All you need is to get the drainage in check, and you will be well on your way to better showers.
  5. It is Energy Efficient: Looking to save on utility bills? A walk-in shower could be your saving grace. Compared to the traditional bathtub, a walk-in shower uses seven less gallons of water per use. Less energy, less water and less money to pay, all while saving a little more of the environment that you did before.  That’s a win!
  6. It is Minimalistic: Minimalism is a style attracting more and more people who want to revel in quality over quantity. It is all about letting go of the consumerism lifestyle that has plagued us for decades. A walk-in shower which is simple, functional, and elegant. Rid yourself of the door… and distractions to find satisfaction in its simplicity.
  7. It Creates the Illusion of Space: This is especially great for small bathrooms. The walk-in shower creates a seamless effect by reducing barriers in any bathroom. You can view the shower the moment you walk into the space, giving off the illusion of ample space. Your bathroom could feel twice as big once you are all said and done.

The walk-in concept seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. But what are the downsides to letting go of the barriers? Let’s find out:

The Drawbacks to a Walk-In Shower

We always recommend that our clients understand all that comes with any design before implementing it in their homes. That way, they can prepare for any surprises in the future. So, what should you know about walk-in showers?

  1. They Lack Privacy: Walk-in showers are an active part of the bathroom and are not separate like bathtubs or other elements. If you are using this space with other people, you might consider ways to create some privacy where needed and depending on the size of your space.
  2. They Can Raise Moisture Levels in the Bathroom: Water splashes more actively around a walk-in shower and onto other parts of the bathroom. And that can increase the humidity of the space, paving the way for mold.

Additionally, these showers tend to be more prone to being slippery. You must invest in non-slip flooring or mats at the very least, and install handles for ease of use and to prevent accidents when the floor gets wet.


Which Walk-In Shower Ideas are Great for Small Bathrooms?

Are you stuck on how you can implement a walk-in shower? We have some ideas that can get your creative juices to kick in as you embark on the design:

  • Embracing Opulence: With a small bathroom, you tend have fewer materials to spend on than you would in a larger sized bathroom. That may allow you to invest in some better materials for your space.  How about some marble or other high-quality stone? It imparts elegance and beauty that add luxury and opulence to the walk-in concept.
  • Tucking Away the Shower: Are you unsure where the shower should go? Locate it in the corner. Typically, a corner allows you to maximize the space in the bathroom and makes the shower even more accessible. In such a setup, how about some darker hues to inspire a moody feel?

We have covered some ideas.  Now it is time to consider what you think would work for your own small bathroom space? Is it a backsplash for a visual effect? Or more color for that aesthetic appeal? Whatever your idea is, our Reico Kitchen & Bath designers would be happy to guide you on styles that suit your space. Talk to us today about how you can get the most out of your small bathroom.

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