5 Must-Have Cabinet Accessories for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. A well-designed kitchen will blend aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. In this blog, we're diving into five essential cabinet accessories—Baking Center, Base Cabinet Pullout Organizer, Trash & Cutting Board Pull Out, Tiered Combination Drawer and Wall Spice Pull Out—that can turn your kitchen into an organized and efficient space.

Baking Center:

Say goodbye to your cluttered cabinet of dry ingredients! The Baking Center is your own personally curated baking station—a specially designed cabinet that gathers all your baking supplies in one place.

Key Features:

  • Dry Ingredient Organization: Thoughtful spaces for flour, sugar, and other essential baking ingredients.
  • Additional Clever Storage: Extra room for storing measuring cups and other baking materials.


  • Streamlined Baking: Centralizing all your baking needs enhances the efficiency of your baking process.
    Organization: Designated storage prevents clutter and ensures everything is in its place.

Design Tip: Place your Baking Center close to the main countertop, taking into account the work triangle, which links the stove, sink, and refrigerator. This setup guarantees convenient access to essential areas during baking, making your kitchen work more smoothly.

Tiered Combination Drawer:

A Tiered Combination Drawer is a clever addition to your kitchen storage solutions. It offers multiple tiers with different levels and compartments to keep various utensils and kitchen tools organized.

Key Features:

  • Tiered Design: Multiple levels for organized storage.
  • Customizable Compartments: Different sections for various utensils.


  • Organized Storage: Prevents clutter in kitchen drawers.
  • Easy Accessibility: Each utensil has its dedicated space for quick retrieval.

Design Tip: Maximize drawer efficiency by sorting utensils based on their frequency of use. This ensures easy access to your most-used tools while cooking or setting the table.

Base Cabinet Pullout with Knife Block & Utensil Bins:

The Base Cabinet Pullout with Knife Block & Utensil Bins is made to simplify your meal prep. It easily fits into your kitchen cabinets and comes with practical features for any home chef, whether you're a cooking pro or just getting started.

Key Features:

  • Knife Insert: Securely organize knives, keeping blades easily accessible by handle.
  • Open Bottom Shelf: Additional storage space for other items to enhance organization.


  • Knife Blade Protection: Safeguard knives from damage, ensuring longevity and sharpness.
  • Maximized Storage: Optimized cabinet space organizes and reduces countertop clutter.

Design Tip: Place this item close to where you prepare your food for convenient access to knives and utensils, making your meal preparation smooth and efficient.

Trash & Cutting Board Pullout:

The Trash & Cutting Board Pullout blends food preparation and waste disposal effortlessly, featuring both a pullout trash bin and a cutting board in one convenient cabinet space.

Key Features:

  • Concealed Trash Bin: Hides the trash bin from view.
  • Built-in Cutting Board: Offers a designated space for food preparation.


  • Space Efficiency: Combines two essential functions in a single cabinet.
  • Cleanliness: Keeps the cutting board and trash bin together for easy cleanup.

Design Tip: Put the trash and cutting board pullout close to where you prepare food for smoother preparation.

Spice Pullout:

Got too many spices? Here's your answer! Meet the Spice Pullout, a small pullout system to keep your spice containers neat and organized.

Key Features:

  • Tiered Shelves: Multiple levels for efficient spice storage.
  • Pullout Mechanism: Easy access to spices.


  • Space Efficiency: Maximizes vertical space for spice storage, in some cases replacing a cabinet filler with storage.
  • Visibility: Allows you to see and access all your spices easily.

Design Tip: Place the spice pull outs near your cooking area or stove for easy access while cooking.

Organize your Kitchen!

Smart cabinet accessories are the silent, hard working heroes of a well-functioning kitchen. From specialized baking centers to pull-out organizers, these additions not only maximize space but also streamline your kitchen tasks. Consider integrating these accessories into your kitchen design to elevate your cooking and baking experience.

Contact us to explore how Reico Kitchen & Bath can help you integrate these smart solutions into your dream kitchen. Transform your kitchen into a space where style meets functionality, making every moment spent in it a joy.

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