We are always looking for more space (or at least the illusion of it), and no where is that more evident than in the bathroom. Yes, you have endless choices in bathroom cabinets, cabinet accessories, space saver toilets…the list goes on and on. But trying to create a relaxing, organized and spacious feeling environment in the bathroom is tricky when you don’t have always have a lot of room to work with. One way you can consider to help compensate for that is with floating vanity bathroom cabinets.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called….remodeling? Well, maybe not exactly how Prince wrote it. The world lost a true legend in music and performance artistry with the passing of Prince last week. His musical legacy will forever live on as a comfort to current fans and influence on futures ones and musicians. Take a closer look at his musical catalogue though and there can be no mistaking the subtle but clear parallels to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Here are 5 Prince songs that brought out his best…and can help you guide you through this thing called remodeling…

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For many of our projects, we get the opportunity to focus on one room at a time. The kitchen. A master bathroom or a hall bathroom. Throw in the occasional wet bar, laundry room, guest bath, butler’s pantry and well…you get the picture. But then there are those projects where you get to do it all. And all at once. Where the design juices really get to start flowing, and inspiration can change from room to room.

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Bathroom design is serious business these days. Most of us are looking to do more than just “update” a bathroom. Instead, we want to transform the bathroom space into something soothing on every level, from design and function to comfort and rejuvenation. So, what’s trending in bathroom design to make that happen? Here are 5 popular categories and the top trend for each.

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Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are so passé these days. Chocolate? Delicious of course but that moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. And who needs that? Flowers? Beautiful but they don’t last forever…and when they start to wilt and have to be thrown out. Awkward! Jewelry? Okay, admittedly that’s a little tougher to compete with. But unless you are going all in, that special little something may be more “little” than “special”. The perfect gift? It’s a new kitchen or bathroom!

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