Who can question the great Winston Churchil when it comes to kitchen remodeling advice? We’ve taken 5 motivational quotes and “translated” them to help inspire your new kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project in 2014. What is your motivation?

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We had a visitor to our Reico Kitchen & Bath showroom in Springfield, VA this week. He gave our showroom an exhaustive tour and (no surprise) got into a little bit of trouble in the process. Here's some highlights of his visit as we take this time to wish you a safe and happy holiday season along with best wishes for a new kitchen or bathroom...
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How do our 5 senses connect with today’s bathroom design trends? Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel and “See” it for yourself:

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Last month I shared my personal top 5 things I would want in my own kitchen. Now I put on my bathroom designer hat and turn my attention to my personal getaway space...the bathroom. Here is what I must have. My top 5:

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Floating vanities continue to be one of the more popular bathroom design trends out there, offering a custom look to even the smallest of bathroom spaces. These wall-mounted vanities create the illusion of more space in a tight bathroom with its’ open underside.

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