Think about your kitchen. Are you always tucking in your elbows and trying to cram your pots and pans into the cupboards? And forget it if two people want to cook in there at the same time. There will really be too many cooks in the kitchen.

It sounds like your kitchen is too small. Well, it’s time for you to renovate. Even a small space can be made into a very workable, luxurious area if you take the time and plan your area out just right. Use every square inch of your house to your advantage so you don’t have to feel squished in your own home anymore.


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You spend meaningful time in your kitchen, making meals for you and your family or friends. It’s the hub of your house. And chances are, it could use a little update. The kitchen is the most popular room to renovate. So why not renovate yours?

Before you start getting down to the details let’s talk about the big picture. If you’ve never put a lot of thought into your kitchen, chances are it’s not designed in a particular style.


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You’re always stepping all over them. Your kitchen and bathroom floors deserve some respect.

Maybe they’re in dire need of an update. Old, grimy tiles or washed out, warped wood? Yeah, that’s not the stylish look you are going for!  Take that dirty rug off your floor you’ve been using to hide your tiles, and get renovating. You’ll be glad you did.

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Step inside your kitchen. If you’re not home picture it in your head. How’s it looking? How does your kitchen make you feel?

If you had a less than a positive answer to those questions, then you probably already know something needs to change. Your kitchen should make you feel warm and relaxed. You should be ready to whip up a dinner or sit with a friend and drink a cup of coffee in comfort.

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The kitchen is an intimidating place for some people. For others, it’s where they go to make masterpieces. Whatever level of kitchen aficionado you are, everyone can agree they love food. 

If you want to be a master chef, you need a master kitchen. Here are some ways to bring your cooking and your kitchen design to the next level.

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