One of the main areas most exposed to bacteria, dirt and grease in your home are your cabinets. Grease from cooking, condensation from external temperatures and children opening and closing cabinets calls for routine upkeep. We know that your house is one of your largest investments, and we want to help you master the maintenance. Here, we share the do’s and don’ts for cleaning your cabinets.

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Think beyond just making meals when designing your kitchen. In many homes, the kitchen is the central gathering place. Cooking often brings people together, and the kitchen has become a dining, task, meeting, and multipurpose space. Maybe you enjoy hosting dinner parties, conversing over cocktails in the kitchen as you prepare appetizers. Or maybe you help your kids with their homework in the kitchen while squeezing in a snack fix. No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, here are tips on how to make your kitchen multifunctional.


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A kitchen remodel may be an exciting prospect, or it may feel littered with landmines. How are you supposed to get what you want without compromising your ability to sell your home later? Is it true that all remodels are basically wasted money, funds you’ll never recoup on the sale of your home? Should you just give up right now, crawl under a rock and stop cooking altogether so that you never have to think about it again?

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What’s the most dangerous part of your home? If you guessed “the kitchen,” you’re not far off: this one room is responsible for nearly half a million knife injuries a year, to say nothing of falls, burns, strains, and other potentially serious injuries. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from these mishaps, you have to design a kitchen with as few hazards as possible. With the following remodeling tips, you can keep kitchen accidents to a minimum for family members and guests of all ages:

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Never underestimate the importance of lighting for your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking, eating, cleaning, or organizing, you will need plenty of light in the right places. Otherwise, you risk misplacing key items or leaving crumbs and liquids lying on the counter, where they can attract bugs and germs.

It’s not hard to see why lighting matters. But if you’re like most homeowners, you probably do not fully understand how to illuminate your kitchen effectively. You can only do this if you have three layers of lighting.

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