There are a few expectations that are absolutely essential and must be exceeded (or met at the VERY least) for your kitchen remodel to be a success. You know you want to love your new space. You know you want it to be a place for people to gather. And you know you are going to want to enjoy cooking in it.


For all those points to come together, you need one basic thing: a well thought out kitchen design. A big part of the reason you are considering this is because your current kitchen layout  might not be cutting it. The truth? It is often not just the design. After years of trying to get things done in your kitchen space through sheer will power, it could very well be that your kitchen is not the right shape for your home and your needs.  Your remodel could literally be your chance to “shape up” your kitchen and design! Here are some ideas of shapes and how to create the best for your kitchen.

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When you think of things that you need for a kitchen, some things are more obvious than others.  You could be thinking of the sink. An oven. Cabinets. A countertop. More Cabinets. Maybe even food....wait, that’s because you are hungry.  Where was I?  Oh yes, what you need for a kitchen.  Safe to say, for most people the first thing that comes to mind might not be kitchen lighting. But if you had a kitchen without lights, you would have a very hard time doing anything at all.


Lighting options for the kitchen are constantly changing, evolving, and getting consistent technology upgrades. When you are upgrading your kitchen lighting, it is important to have a grasp on all of the key concepts. Once you have locked those down, you can take some pro lighting tips and apply them to your own renovations.

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When you are remodeling your kitchen, you have a ton of questions. How long is it going to take?  Where do I begin? What can I expect? As important as all of those questions are, one of the most important things to identify before the timelines and when you begin is what type of kitchen design style you want for your new kitchen.


Picking a kitchen design style can be difficult, because you might have a hard time choosing just one particular style you are going to love for the life of your new remodel. We have good news!  Your solution just might be choosing to remodel your kitchen using a combination of styles.  The most popular? The transitional style.

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Yay! You are finally going to remodel your bathroom. Congrats!  By taking this step you are adding value to your home, not to mention giving yourself the bathroom you have been wanting for so long. But then reality sets in. You start to ask yourself... What type of lighting am I going to need, or use? What is the color scheme going to be? How much space is required for a new toilet, and where else is the sink going to go if I really want to mix things up?  Oof, that escalated quickly. Bring on the headache.

At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we know that your bathroom remodel should be less about the headaches. That is why we are here, to do the work for you and bring you expert tips to make remodeling your bathroom easier.  Headaches will happen.  It is a remodeling project for goodness sakes.  But here are some tips to focus less on the pain and way, way more on the gain!

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Let’s say you are looking to update your kitchen. You want it to be current. You want it to be comfortable. And, you definitely want it primed and ready to handle all the cooking you want to do. Sound about right? 


You bet it does!. But if your kitchen is old and outdated or poorly designed, you are probably missing out on at least one of the things mentioned above. Even worse, you may even be missing all of them in your current kitchen. But take a breath.  You do have options.  An open concept kitchen that is current, comfy and ready to cook in is waiting for you on the other side of your kitchen remodel, creating a layout that finally allows you to move through your space with ease.


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