Don’t think a remodeling seminar is for you? Good, then you’re just the person we’re here to talk to.

If your kitchen or bathroom is looking worse for the wear, you’re probably ignoring it. You don’t know what to do. You don’t think there is anything you can do. A remodel? You don’t even know where to start.

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Your kitchen might have been really cool in the 1970s. But it’s no longer the 1970s. Unfortunately, bold backsplashes, crazy colors, tons of dark wood, and laminate countertops aren’t really all that cool anymore.

But don’t get us wrong. Some of it is still cool. So how do you know what parts of style will still be cool in ten years, and which will be ones that you regret? Here’s how.

What’s cooking in your kitchen? We’re sure it’s a lot of delicious food for you and your family. But we’re more focused on the design schemes that have been brewing.

We love a well-designed kitchen. The most popular room for homeowners to renovate, is, in fact, the kitchen. That’s because you can do so many great things with it. Add a beautiful countertop. Put in new cabinets. Redo that old floor you’ve always wanted to get rid of. And that’s not even mentioning all the lighting, backsplash and appliance options.

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The beginning of the year is a time to reflect on the past months and see how far you come, and see where you want to go. If you’re planning on setting goals, it’s hard to think when you’re feeling cluttered and stressed. 

The state of our homes affects us more than we might think. A messy house means a messy mind. And where do we spend a lot of time in our messy house? Our messy bathrooms.

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It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Especially around New Years. If your New Years resolution is to remodel, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the trends you need to ditch in the new year, and a little bit of what you might consider using instead.


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