As an avid cook and kitchen designer (in that order!), I have a definite list of must haves for my own kitchen. Here are my top 5:

1) A Tray base – stores cutting boards, cookie sheets and serving trays in an organized and easy to access 9” to 12” wide cabinet. Go a little wider and get muffin tins and rectangular casserole dish storage too.

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It’s your kitchen. If you want to put your knobs in the center of the cabinet door that’s your prerogative. I don’t think it will look too good but I’m not going to live there. Neither is your designer, contractor, architect, cousin, neighbor, friend or anyone else you are looking to for advice.

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Open floor plans that create a social kitchen are a big focus in kitchen design right now. Cooking is more of a communal event than ever. Family, friends and even guests are getting involved in creating a meal. Combining the kitchen with living and dining areas makes dinner a family event and opportunity to share your day over meal preparation.

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An important and simple thing to consider while designing your kitchen floor plan is….how many cooks do you have?

Just me! Just me!

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One of the most important considerations when you are designing your kitchen is how and what you cook.

Do you use the fry pan, a wok or grill on the cooktop for most of your meals?

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