When you look at your bathroom, do you go “blah?” Maybe you’re not too excited about the boring old decor you’ve seen every single day in there for years. But you spend a lot of time in your bathroom - getting ready, showering, and you know, doing business.

It’s about time that you gave your bathroom some TLC. And you’ve got to start somewhere. A bathroom redesign can seem overwhelming. Spark some ideas by going over what’s trending in bathroom design right now.

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If you want a simple and easy way to makeover the entire look of your kitchen, look no further. Your countertop is the centerpiece of your kitchen, and the workhorse where you prep all your food. It deserves a little extra love.

Get the lowdown on each material you can choose from for your countertop. The different materials all perform differently and work for different budgets.

There are few things in life that are certain except death, taxes, and the fact that a fresh coat of paint is a surefire way to brighten up your home. And rooms like the kitchen and your bathrooms, which often come in white, tend to go unnoticed. Give them the makeover they need to make pivotal rooms like these the most inviting that they can be.


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The biggest challenge in any remodeling project, be it a kitchen or bathroom or any project in the home is the unknown.  The unknown can cover a lot of thingsā€¦the cost, what you find behind the walls or underneath a floor, what it will look like.  However, the unknown can be overcome.  The proper combination of collaboration and communication cannot only create a successful partnership but more importantly, a successful remodeling project. 

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With a myriad design styles to consider when designing your new kitchen, it is often difficult to find a single style that will both stand the test of time and still suit your tastes today and for years to come. Here, we explore the endless possibilities of designing the perfect balance between a classic yet modern kitchen.

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