Every project has that one challenge.  Well, if we were lucky there would only be that one challenge.  But you know what I am talking about.  The “what do to with” question that always seems to present itself when remodeling the kitchen, the bathroom or any room in the house. For Jen Denham and her client, the “what do with” question for this bathroom remodeling project had to do with the tub.

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If you’re dreaming of designing your bathroom with a spa-like aesthetic, then a wet room is certainly an option worth considering. So, what exactly is a wet room? It’s a bathroom where the shower is open or placed behind a single wall, and the floor space of the shower is leveled with the entire room, with the water draining through an opening infused into the floor. 

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A kitchen remodel may be an exciting prospect, or it may feel littered with landmines. How are you supposed to get what you want without compromising your ability to sell your home later? Is it true that all remodels are basically wasted money, funds you’ll never recoup on the sale of your home? Should you just give up right now, crawl under a rock and stop cooking altogether so that you never have to think about it again?

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There was a time in the not-so-distant past when the phrase “more is better” actually made sense to people. We understand now, of course, that more of anything can become a problem. Most of us live busy, complex lives and simply adding more to the mix makes our lives feel cluttered.

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As you prepare to design or remodel your bathroom, don’t overlook the importance of saving space. Maximizing your use of the available area isn’t just about convenience; it’s also about safety, as the more room you have to move around and reach things, the less likely you are to strain yourself or fall. Thus by designing in a way that wastes as little space as possible, you make your bathroom more accessible and more secure. The following tips will allow you to do just that, creating a room that is compact, convenient, and uncluttered:

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