The average person showers for about nine minutes a day, eight times a week. Each year that adds up to 3,744 minutes in the shower or, over two and a half entire days...just in the shower.

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, there are a few things you should set in stone. Before you begin, you’re going to want to identify the design shape you’ll be working with for your entire kitchen. Once you know the kitchen design shape, you’ll be able to lay out the cabinets, island, appliances, fixtures, and everything else accordingly.

Maybe you get your energy bill each month and are left scratching your head about why it’s so high. Or maybe you know exactly what in your home is sapping all that power. Either way, it’s about time to take the steps to save power, and save yourself from that steep energy bill.

Forget the selection shows and the wondering about seeds, who is in and who is out. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling clients now have a new source for the complete line of Kohler line of products. March Madness will come and go, just like it does each year. But the madness of finding the right products for your kitchen and bathroom projects just got a little bit easier, thanks to a new team in town. The bold look of Kohler. The expertise and world class service of Reico Kitchen & Bath. A winning combination that can help you unravel the madness of kitchen and bathroom remodeling and score the best in product combinations to make your kitchen or bathroom the space you’ve always wanted it to be.

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A properly lit kitchen has become a critical element in kitchen remodeling. Like good icing on a cake, good lighting draws us in and helps us engage with the space (while we eat the cake of course!). And with the variety of lighting available today, deciding on lighting is just as important as choosing your kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances.

Where to start? Here are 3 basics elements of kitchen lighting to understand and consider your options for when lighting the kitchen.

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