Close your eyes. Imagine the kitchen you grew up in. The table you ate it. The area your mom cooked, baked and whipped up seemingly magical meals...and similarly dreaded meals (I still don't care for Salisbury steak to this day...). Focus in a little more and picture the countertop. Can you see it? What is that? Plastic? Laminate.

But then a few years ago, another new (sur)face rolled onto the scene.

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There was a time when we just didn’t go for molding. Maybe it was too fancy, or just too extravagant. But not anymore. Today’s consumer understands better than ever how molding connects their cabinetry and all the components of their kitchen into a crisp, well thought out kitchen design.

The truth is, molding is the finishing touch. The cherry on top. The icing on the cake. It ties the design together with lines and details that add accent, purpose and completes the look and feel of the kitchen.

For many of our projects, we get the opportunity to focus on one room at a time. The kitchen. A master bathroom or a hall bathroom. Throw in the occasional wet bar, laundry room, guest bath, butler’s pantry and well…you get the picture. But then there are those projects where you get to do it all. And all at once. Where the design juices really get to start flowing, and inspiration can change from room to room.

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Adding kitchen cabinet accessories to your kitchen design is one of the best parts of the kitchen remodeling process. The term “kitchen cabinet accessories” is one of the most popular search term on the internet and sites like Houzz. Why? Because for most of us, we are fascinated by organization, convenience, ease of use and above all, a little cleverness. When we think of the sink base, the idea of cabinet accessories typically comes to a halt. But it doesn’t need to. Here are 5 easy kitchen cabinet accessories you should be considering for your sink base.

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Storage. Organization. There is not much more we value or crave in the kitchen. And it is this “craving” that speaks to the growing trend of base cabinet storage in kitchen design. Some will say it’s never gone away, but with more base drawer storage options than ever its popularity has never been greater. We asked nationally recognized kitchen...
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