Washing machines have come a long way from the old washboard by the river days. Before you get too overwhelmed with what is out there, here are 4 things to consider when shopping for your next washing machine: • Size matters – today’s washing machines have gotten bigger, which means that you wash more than ever to help you reduce the number of...
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You are remodeling your kitchen or you just need a new refrigerator because the old one has died or just no longer meets the current needs of your family. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of brands and choices out there today. When considering a new refrigerator using the following 3 guidelines – style, size and features, will help you find...
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Times and styles change, but for bathrooms cultured marble vanity tops continue to be a popular choice. Companies such as Virginia Marble have worked hard to change and keep up with the times. Cultured marble offers a variety of choices to make them a better option than laminate tops with drop in bowls and a competitive alternative to the cost o...
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In my house we all gravitate to the kitchen...for meals, snacks, homework, bills, you name it. We spend a lot of time there. And invariably with that comes our variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets to digital cameras, gaming devices, Kindles and more. With 6 people in my home, it can be like our own mini (or not so mini) electronics show! I don't even want to start to count up all the devices!

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One of the biggest questions we get is "How big should my hardware be?". With people's preferences always seeming to change, the good news is that there is no wrong answer! Going with smaller kitchen hardware typically gives it a more subtle look that easily blends into the design without becoming a focal point. Bigger pieces of hardware can sometimes become distracting or an unintended focal point in the kitchen.

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