According to a recent homeowners study conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), more and more consumers are intrigued by the idea of adding current “kitchen” technology to their own kitchen space. What are those top kitchen design trends in technology? Here are your top 5:

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We all look at our bathroom and wish for what we don’t have. Whether it is product based (new cabinets, countertops, etc.) or function based (accessibility), we imagine countless ways to improve the space. “Homeowners are coming in with ideas for everything from products to design”, says Jen Schatzer, Key Business Manager for Reico Kitchen & Bat...
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Our homes are a source of great comfort to us and with the exception of a good night’s sleep, nowhere is that comfort needed more than in the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is our main go to place in the home, where everyone gathers throughout the day. Conversely, the bathroom is often times our getaway place, where we can escape briefly from...
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We are starved for order and organization in our  lives, and nowhere is that more present than in our kitchens.  Current kitchen design trends are showing more open looks and storage, meaning organization is more important than ever.  From a stand alone shelf or set of shelves to open storage shelf cabinets that forgo the traditional look of gla...
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After 40+ years, my parents are starting a kitchen remodeling project.  While there have been some minor updates along the way (cabinet refinishes, appliances, countertop and floor), it was finally time to pull the trigger.  Mom has been the driver of the project but you can see my father start to come around as he sees designs, colors and samples of what the new kitchen will look like.

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