It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Especially around New Years. If your New Years resolution is to remodel, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the trends you need to ditch in the new year, and a little bit of what you might consider using instead.


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Are you thinking of entertaining for the holidays, but look at your kitchen and think twice about having people over? You want to cook and have a place for your friends to stay, but envisioning having to prepare all the food in your tiny kitchen is making you want to suggest having a party somewhere else.

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There is nothing that can breathe fresh life into a room quite as powerfully as a new fresh coat of paint. Working a fresh color scheme into your kitchen also gives you an excuse to renovate the whole area - cabinets, walls, appliances - your new hue awaits you.

But you might not know just what to choose. Here’s how to put a finger on what color’s going to work best with your kitchen.

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When you walk into your kitchen and take a look around, what do you see? Look a little closer. How are your cabinets doing? Are they looking a little shabby?

Good news. It doesn’t take a lot to give your cabinets a makeover. When it comes to drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, you’ve got a lot of choices. Spruce up your kitchen and get yourself some new cabinet hardware. Cabinet accessories are jewelry for your kitchen.

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You walk into your kitchen, thinking about how you’re going to prepare yourself a meal fit for a king. But then you actually get inside your kitchen. You look around and realize that your kitchen couldn’t make a meal fit for a king, because it’s too tiny.

Your kitchen might be small, but you can still make it feel like home. And you can make a luxurious meal in it as well. Yes, your small kitchen can be mighty!  Here’s how.

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