Your bathroom renovation means a lot of things. It means you get to have a beautiful, exciting new bathroom. It means you will be able to decide just what you want your area to look like. But something that you might not be as clear on?  The potential for a significant addition to the  value of your home.


Whether you are thinking about selling your home in the near future or you know it is a possibility down the road, the type of bathroom model you do can affect the ROI you get on your bathroom remodel investment. Remodeling a bathroom can drive buyers to purchase a home, and until then you get to enjoy your freshly remodeled look. Here are some tips on how to get the best bang for your bucks.

Your kitchen.  It is where you cook.  It is where you gather.  It is where you store your food.  It is the place you go to start your day early in the morning to cook your breakfast and where you end that same day up late at night for a snack. So when you decide you are doing a kitchen remodel,  all of these every day activities get put on hold for a while. So, it begs the question...when is the best time of year to remodel your kitchen? 

Well, it’s complicated.  Or is it?  For most, it is personal and based on your own situation.

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Yay! You are finally going to remodel your bathroom. Congrats!  By taking this step you are adding value to your home, not to mention giving yourself the bathroom you have been wanting for so long. But then reality sets in. You start to ask yourself... What type of lighting am I going to need, or use? What is the color scheme going to be? How much space is required for a new toilet, and where else is the sink going to go if I really want to mix things up?  Oof, that escalated quickly. Bring on the headache.

At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we know that your bathroom remodel should be less about the headaches. That is why we are here, to do the work for you and bring you expert tips to make remodeling your bathroom easier.  Headaches will happen.  It is a remodeling project for goodness sakes.  But here are some tips to focus less on the pain and way, way more on the gain!

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Let’s say you are looking to update your kitchen. You want it to be current. You want it to be comfortable. And, you definitely want it primed and ready to handle all the cooking you want to do. Sound about right? 


You bet it does!. But if your kitchen is old and outdated or poorly designed, you are probably missing out on at least one of the things mentioned above. Even worse, you may even be missing all of them in your current kitchen. But take a breath.  You do have options.  An open concept kitchen that is current, comfy and ready to cook in is waiting for you on the other side of your kitchen remodel, creating a layout that finally allows you to move through your space with ease.


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It is where you go when you first wake up. Maybe it is where you start your day with a warm comfy shower. Or maybe you end your day there with a nice, relaxing bath. In any situation, your bathroom needs to be a place of function. But why not let it also become a place to take a mini retreat too? 

If your bathroom is somewhere you want to just get in and get out of instead of wanting to spend a little personal time for yourself, then it is definitely time for a bathroom remodel to give it and you new life. Look no further for how to get the bathroom you have always wanted than with some of the top trends in bathroom remodeling right now.

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