While it’s fairly obvious that kitchen design needs to include space for all things cooking, it is not always so obvious that the kitchen is not JUST for cooking. What else goes on in there?

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We are seeing lots of mixed metal finishes and a trend toward warm metal finishes such as antiqued brass, copper finishes and oil rubbed bronze in kitchen design. More and more, clients are mixing metal finishes throughout the kitchen with great success. They may choose a stainless steel under-mount sink and appliances and pair it with oil rubbe...
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Today’s laundry rooms are not what they used to be! By incorporating more features and amenities from other areas of the home, some dread is being taken out of doing the laundry. Planning and a desire for greater functionality in the laundry room is the key. Here are a few things changing today’s laundry room:

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Floating vanities continue to be one of the more popular bathroom design trends out there, offering a custom look to even the smallest of bathroom spaces. These wall-mounted vanities create the illusion of more space in a tight bathroom with its’ open underside.

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As an avid cook and kitchen designer (in that order!), I have a definite list of must haves for my own kitchen. Here are my top 5:

1) A Tray base – stores cutting boards, cookie sheets and serving trays in an organized and easy to access 9” to 12” wide cabinet. Go a little wider and get muffin tins and rectangular casserole dish storage too.

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