An important and simple thing to consider while designing your kitchen floor plan is….how many cooks do you have?

Just me! Just me!

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More than half of homeowners who purchase an existing home undertake a remodeling project within 3 months of the purchase, so says the 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences study conducting by the National Association of Realtors . Kitchen remodeling (47%) was the most common home improvement project, just edging out bathroom remodeli...
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This week we took a poll on our Facebook page asking people what they used their kitchens for besides cooking. Why is this important? When you start to really think about a kitchen remodel and begin the kitchen planning process, there is more to consider than just cooking, cleaning and eating. The kitchen is still the heart of the home, and ther...
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Forget wants and needs for a second and let’s talk about desires. Specifically, what you desire in your kitchen. Is it a simple, functional upgrade or is it something more personal or exotic?

Categories: Kitchens, Trends would look so much nicer if your trim could match the finish of your faucet. And I just learned you can.

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