Like the Grateful Dead, the color Grey has enjoyed a "dedicated" following but was never much for the popular mainstream...until now. The popularity of grey in the kitchen has skyrocketed, growing 266% in usage since 2010 according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2012 Kitchen & Bath Style Report . But for many, choosing between whit...
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The hottest trend in in cooking today is induction cooking. As technology continues to improve and costs come down, more and more people are discovering this form of cooking.

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Don’t talk to boomers about Universal Design. Today it is Smart Design that benefits everyone of all ages, incorporating smart design ideas throughout the home to allow families of various sizes and multiple generations to stay in place. Want some smart design ideas that can make your home “smarter”? Here are 8 tips:

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Open floor plans that create a social kitchen are a big focus in kitchen design right now. Cooking is more of a communal event than ever. Family, friends and even guests are getting involved in creating a meal. Combining the kitchen with living and dining areas makes dinner a family event and opportunity to share your day over meal preparation.

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An important and simple thing to consider while designing your kitchen floor plan is….how many cooks do you have?

Just me! Just me!

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