One of the goals of clients remodeling their kitchen is for the new kitchen to be more organized and offer storage than the current version. A good designer will ask you to list your most used kitchen items and discuss placement and storage ideas based on your list.

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According to recently released survey results from members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), here is a quick look at the most significant trends for kitchens and baths in 2013:

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With bathroom lighting it is always key to have multiple layers of light. But where people need it most is at the vanity. According to Denise Pons, Designer and Lighting Specialist for Reico Kitchen & Bath in Williamsburg, VA, setting lights roughly 80” from the floor is an ideal height to accentuate the person standing at the vanity.

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If anyone has ever had to replace a part, be it in a kitchen or any part of the home, they know the feeling I am about to describe all too well. How old is it? Will I be able to find it? Will someone really take the time to help me? Will they understand how important it is to me to what to get this taken care of as easily, quickly and...
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In case you don’t already know it, the website Houzz is a great resource for homeowners considering any type of residential remodeling project, including kitchens and bathrooms. You can view the Reico Kitchen & Bath portfolio of projects and pictures for ideas and check out so much more for every part of the home. It is a great tool! Reico Kitch...
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