So you’re in the bathroom squinting at yourself in the mirror and it dawns on you: your bathroom is just...dim. Even if your bathroom is large, when it’s not bright, it can feel smaller. And that’s the opposite of what you want.

But you don’t have to be afraid of the dark. There are some surefire ways that can lighten up your bathroom and start your days off right.

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When the leaves start to shake off the trees and the weather starts to cool down, you know it’s time for the fall season to start. Especially when everything everywhere you go is pumpkin flavored. You’ll want to spend more time in your house, cozy and relaxing. But that won’t work if your house isn’t, in fact, cozy and relaxing.

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It doesn’t even have to be around the holidays for you to have a wishlist. There are things that you want in your master bathroom year round, because you’re going to be using your bathroom year round. Here’s some things to keep your eye on if they’re not already on your list.


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You love to entertain. And you’ve been entertaining the idea of getting a wet bar or a dry bar. 

Your house is known as the place where people go to gather. Maybe you love hosting a small, intimate gathering. Or maybe you love to get a big group together and call it a party.

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When you think of a modern kitchen or bathroom, you might think of clean lines, streamlined appliances, minimal decoration, neutral color tones, and efficiency.

You’d definitely be right if that’s what you think of. But a truly modern space can be even more than this. You’ve got a smart phone in the palm of your hand at all times of the day. Why can’t your kitchen or your bathroom be smart, too?

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