With the myriad of kitchen designs, it’s difficult to find a style that will stand the test of time yet still suits your taste. While you don’t want something that is antiquated, you also don’t want a super trendy design that will be passé in a few months. With some thoughtful planning, mastering a traditional kitchen with a modern twist can give you the best of both worlds. Here, we explore the endless possibilities of designing the perfect balance between a classic yet contemporary kitchen.

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One of the main areas most exposed to bacteria, dirt and grease in your home are your cabinets. Grease from cooking, condensation from external temperatures and children opening and closing cabinets calls for routine upkeep. We know that your house is one of your largest investments, and we want to help you master the maintenance. Here, we share the do’s and don’ts for cleaning your cabinets.

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Think beyond just making meals when designing your kitchen. In many homes, the kitchen is the central gathering place. Cooking often brings people together, and the kitchen has become a dining, task, meeting, and multipurpose space. Maybe you enjoy hosting dinner parties, conversing over cocktails in the kitchen as you prepare appetizers. Or maybe you help your kids with their homework in the kitchen while squeezing in a snack fix. No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, here are tips on how to make your kitchen multifunctional.


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Every project has that one challenge.  Well, if we were lucky there would only be that one challenge.  But you know what I am talking about.  The “what do to with” question that always seems to present itself when remodeling the kitchen, the bathroom or any room in the house. For Jen Denham and her client, the “what do with” question for this bathroom remodeling project had to do with the tub.

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If you’re dreaming of designing your bathroom with a spa-like aesthetic, then a wet room is certainly an option worth considering. So, what exactly is a wet room? It’s a bathroom where the shower is open or placed behind a single wall, and the floor space of the shower is leveled with the entire room, with the water draining through an opening infused into the floor. 

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