The bathroom remodeling question everyone wants to know.

When it comes to determining bathroom remodeling costs, the general rule of thumb according to studies by the NKBA is that you should expect to spend between 5% to 10% of the current value of your home.  Ultimately though, how much you spend on your bathroom remodeling project is completely up to you.

Ask yourself “Why are you remodeling?"

I’m selling the home. You may want to consider spending less on your bathroom remodeling project to make sure you can quickly re-coup any investment. (Trying to move fast to sell?  Visit our In Stock page for cabinets, vanity tops and more available for quick delivery!)

It’s my dream bathroom. Spending 10% on your bathroom remodeling project may or may not be enough to get you the bathroom of your dreams. Consider your investment, especially if you see yourself there for another 15-20 years.

If you don't think you can zero in on a budget for your own bathroom remodeling project, don't worry. We have other ideas and resources to help you start to get an idea.

Questions about your bathroom remodeling project to help create a budget

There are no right or wrong answers here, but how you respond will help determine an appropriate remodeling budget.

After you determine which bathroom you are going to remodel (because a powder room is going to cost less than a primary bathroom), the easiest question to consider is what the scope of your bathroom remodeling project is. Will this be a straight “tear and replace” where you are changing little to nothing about the design? That may keep costs down some, depending on your product selections.

Other questions to ask before you begin:

  • Will any other rooms be involved or affected?
  • Are you keeping any fixtures or other items?
  • Will you be moving or adding any plumbing?
  • Will any switches or outlets require new wiring or positioning?
  • Is a new floor needed?

The more yes’s to the above questions, the greater the likelihood that the cost of your bathroom remodel will be higher.

Look at home prices when considering a bathroom remodeling budget. 

One more thing to consider. Look at home prices around you. Have any neighbors remodeled recently? Are homes in your neighborhood holding their value? It is a good bet that a vibrant new bathroom (or kitchen for that matter) can help set apart a home, particularly at resale time.

If you don't think you can zero in on a budget for your own bathroom remodeling project, don't worry.  Contact us and we will be glad to help!

Resources to help estimate what your bathroom might cost.

Wondering about bathroom vanity costs or bathroom remodeling costs?  Check out our Reico Bathroom Project and Price Guide for examples of actual projects Reico has completed with room size and costs per project. 

Looking to start a little simpler?  Maybe a quick hall bathroom or small bathroom update? Then check out our 30" vanity comparison guide for an idea of costs for just a vanity and vanity top. 

If none of the above resources do the trick, just follow to the next page for a basic list of questions about budgeting for bathrooms that you might find helpful.  And if it is just too much to comprehend then contact us and we will be glad to help!

We also offer a convenient, same-as-cash financing option for you to consider as a way to pay for your new bathroom or kitchen. Click here for more information.

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