What to Expect when Bathroom Remodeling

The 3 phases to a bathroom remodeling project

We know how it is. You’re rearing to go with your redesign. The idea of that beautiful new bathroom awaiting you is so exciting that you want it right now. So we make the steps clear and simple for you to get there.


For mostly every bathroom remodel, you’re going to work with three phases:

  • Information Gathering, Design & Pricing
  • Ordering, Scheduling & Permits
  • Construction, Installation & Project Completion

While the number of phases is low, you will find that there are a number of decisions to make in each.  We’ll guide you through each phase.  

Consider your cabinets. It's not just the color or finish that you like, it's also the wood species and the door style...maybe a shaker style door is what you are looking for to sharpen up your bathroom space with cleaner lines and detail.  (Need help? Read Cabinet Basics - What You Need To Know).  We’ll consider the bathroom style you want as well when making your cabinet decision.  

Same for fixtures, as you consider choices in faucets for the sink, shower and/or tub. Or tile as you consider it for the floor, your shower and maybe a backsplash or wall.   Countertops, sinks, hardware, toilets, flooring (hello heated?)...we could go on! And we do!

On average, the entire process from concept to design finalization, ordering and project completion can take as little as 6 months or as long as 18-24 months, depending on the scope of your project and just how ambitious your ideas or plans are.   Thinking simpler and faster?  Check out our in stock Reico Express program, perfect for when you need cabinets, fixtures and more now.  There’s always ways to do it faster if you are really in a hurry.  

But for a more detailed approached, let's take a look at the first of the 3 phases.

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