Combining Cabinet Finishes

The 2 finish kitchen - bringing more color into the kitchen

Bringing color into the kitchen is always one of the most interesting challenges (and opportunities!) of a kitchen design. We already know that color can come from so many different or unusual things. These kitchen design ideas can come from almost anywhere in the kitchen. It can be a unique kitchen countertop in a specialty color. Or a specialty finish on your appliances (yes, even harvest gold is coming back…gulp). It can be a backsplash in tile or another unique surface like copper. It can be from flooring covering the entire space or even the colors of a few countertop appliances. But what if you want to add color to your kitchen by combining different cabinet finishes?

Whether you argue it is outdated or say it will never really go out of style (think white kitchens…), more and more kitchens today are incorporating 2 finishes into the kitchen. A second finish can create a real focal point for the kitchen, bringing the area to life in a separate color. With the popularity of white kitchens, off-white kitchens and other more neutral finishes, adding a second finish to the kitchen will liven up the color palette of the kitchen by inviting in new colors and areas for the eyes to be attracted to. In other kitchens, the subtlety of a second finish can give the kitchen a touch of variation that enhances the overall view of the kitchen without becoming a distraction.

Most often you see it on kitchen islands where the finish and possibly even the door style and wood species are different from the perimeter cabinets. The visual separation of an island with a different color can really enhance the second finish even more. In other kitchens it could be a separate finishes on base and wall cabinets, often times with molding to compliment one or the other.

Some will argue it can be too much and in some cases it can be if the colors or finishes selected are too bold or contrasting to the eye. Be smart about designing with a second finish. Regardless of whether you select one or multiple finishes, be sure your kitchen design ideas create a kitchen you will enjoy for a long time and avoid creating a situation where you feel you must update all or part of the kitchen after a few years.

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