Small Kitchen Design Ideas

3 big design ideas for your small kitchen

A small kitchen design is limited only by space and not by ideas. Your small, cramped kitchen may limit some options but it will inspire the creativity of your kitchen designer to create a small kitchen design that gives you as much to work with as possible. So what can make the greatest impact on a small kitchen design? Here are 3 ideas to help you go big with your small kitchen design:

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

When storage is at a premium in your small kitchen design, make the most of it with kitchen cabinet accessories. Roll out trays, drawer organizers, lazy susan’s, spice racks, door organizers and more can allow you do to more with the space you have. Even today’s blind corners offer kitchen cabinet accessories that use more space and bring what you are storing straight to you. Or consider a combination pull out drawer organizer and cutting board to pull out when needed for a little more countertop and space for food prep.

Space Saving Appliances

A small kitchen design often means fewer people to prepare and clean up for. And today’s appliance manufacturers offer more options than ever that can work very well in a small kitchen design. From space saving compact refrigerators to dishwasher drawers, you can use space in your small kitchen design more efficiently. Even full size microwaves can save space in a small kitchen design when you consider convection microwaves. Fit two appliances in one spot!

Light it up

The right lighting can punch up any space, especially a small kitchen design. Recessed lighting can be a great option to replace hanging light fixtures and open up a space more. Under cabinet and toe kick lighting can offer out of the way lighting for tasks and general safety that will brighten and open up your small kitchen design even more.

No matter what you decide to do, it is important to start with a budget in mind. Even a small kitchen design and remodeling project can become expensive if you are not smart or careful about your product selections. Consider all the options that can give your small kitchen design a big impact without necessarily having to spend big dollars.

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