Arts & Crafts Kitchens and Bathrooms

Arts & Crafts Kitchens and Bathrooms

The Arts & Crafts style, which can be referred to as the Craftsman style as well, emphasizes simplicity, a natural look and traditional craftsmanship in kitchens and bathrooms. Rich woods featuring thick cabinet frames, recessed panel doors and wall cabinets that reach to the ceiling can be found in arts & crafts kitchens, with some featuring inset cabinet doors as well to further emphasize the craftsman look. The taller cabinets promote storage and a more clutter free look as well to stay true to its’ minimalist look.

You will find are stronger reliance on neutral colors in Arts & Crafts kitchens and bathrooms, particularly on the walls. Softer whites can be found on trim and other areas of the room, including the cabinets, which complement without taking away from the look and feel of the space.

It is not unusual to see decorative touches in an Arts & Crafts style. Simple in nature but specific in placement, they add a distinct look or color in some cases. In the kitchen, this can be emphasized through the use of glass doors. From a more minimalist mullion glass doors to more artsy styled doors in stained glass, punched tin and other materials, the use of glass or other touches can complete the look of your Arts & Crafts inspired space.

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