Contemporary Kitchens And Bathrooms

Contemporary Kitchens and Bathrooms

A contemporary design for your kitchen or bathroom represents the look of today and the cutting edge in kitchen and bathroom design. The style is purposely non-traditional and is often very popular in smaller kitchen and bathroom spaces, where high gloss finishes on kitchen and bathroom cabinets reflect light and make your space feel larger as a result.

Similar to the modern design style, contemporary kitchens and bathroom designs are uncluttered and unadorned, with minimalist geometric features and clean, sleek horizontal lines. Frameless kitchen and bathroom cabinets in a slab style door are very popular and frequently used in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

You will find contemporary kitchens and bathrooms favoring more solid colors and man-made materials - glass, stainless steel, chrome, concrete, laminate and more, including recycled materials.

When balanced with natural colors or simple decorations, it brings real warmth to any kitchen or bathroom. Don't be surprised to find something unique to really set off the space, be it in lighting or adding frosted glass doors to complete the contemporary look and feel.

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