Cottage Kitchens And Bathrooms

The warm comfort of Cottage Kitchens and Bathrooms

Cottage Kitchens and Bathrooms create a lighter, brighter and open feeling to your kitchen or bathroom space. In a cottage-inspired design style, you'll find elements of comfort, relaxation and simplicity. From distressed surfaces to driftwood-like finishes, paint colors in various shades of pale and special chotchke’s that add your own personal touch to the space, the cottage style creates the look and feel of a seaside cottage in your kitchen or bathroom.

The cottage style is largely guided by feeling over form. While it still follows the general guidelines of design the cottage design style allows for additional comfort and casualness, embracing imperfections with warmth and relaxation. You won’t find too many shiny surfaces in a cottage kitchen. The cold look and feel is a contrast to the coziness of the cottage style. Instead, look for soft, simple colors and schemes and elements of distressing that embrace imperfection and the well-worn warmth of the space. Beadboard is another popular consideration for a cottage inspired design, particularly in the bathroom as a comfortable but detail rich background to the space.

More than anything else, the cottage style is full of heart. Filled with our own treasures, it offers endless warmth and comfort, the essence of what we think when we think of the home.

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