Eclectic Kitchens And Bathrooms

Part Method, Part Madness. Eclectic Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Playful, personal and pretty diverse. The Eclectic kitchens and bathrooms borrow entirely from other design styles, combining imagination with surprise to create well thought out elements of design, color and contrasts to make your kitchen or bathroom look cohesive. Designing eclectic is not just a matter of throwing anything and everything together. This creative style relies heavily on the good standards of design - color, pattern, texture, composition.

The eclectic style takes risks, but in a calculated way. It is not a free for all opportunity to mash up a lot of things together, at least not without some thought put to it first. An eclectic kitchen or bathroom simultaneously invites you to design a space with your passions and your fancies. The trick is to find the right balance between the two. Without that, you might just create a mess!

When done properly, eclectic balances proper design elements with contrasting touches that when pulled all together, work to create a space that feels fun and functional. Starting with a few neutral colors that can tie everything together is always a good idea. The key is to not follow every rule in the book, but to find the right opportunities to mix and match styles, colors and unique objects at the right place and time. Find some rhythm and you’ve created your own engaging eclectic style. And don’t worry, as the eclectic style is like snowflakes. No two will ever be exactly alike.

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