Traditional Kitchens And Bathrooms

Traditional Kitchens and Bathrooms

Traditional kitchen and bathroom designs and cabinets rarely if ever go out of style. Its' classic style and symmetry creates a calm, orderly décor for any kitchen or bathroom. Traditional kitchens and bathrooms have the formal, elegant look characteristic of the American and European homes of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries that often included fine woods and ornate moldings, including crown, rope, fluting, corbels and other trim.  

Traditional kitchen designs will also often include ornamental wood hoods and decorative wood door panels that can conceal more modern styled appliances.

Choose simple or more complex doors with raised or recessed panels and square, arched or cathedral framing when going traditional in the kitchen and bathroom. You have numerous wood choices for your cabinets: cherry, hickory, maple, oak and birch are standard choices, but may also opt for specialty woods such as pecan, walnut and mahogany.

Functional lighting, neutral-toned countertops, tumbled stone backsplashes and wood flooring will all be found in traditional kitchens. Traditional kitchen islands are often designed to resemble furniture pieces with an antique look and feel to convey the sense of history behind the design style.

See examples of traditional kitchens and bathrooms.

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