White Kitchens And Bathrooms

White Kitchens and Bathrooms (kind of popular too)

White is a great place to start when designing kitchen and bathrooms. With its' crisp, clean look, white offers kitchen and bathrooms comfort and simplicity. It can range from traditional to contemporary in style, and provide a background against which other colors and pieces in the kitchen or bathroom can truly stand out.

A white kitchen or bathroom is a waiting canvas ready to be covered with colorful hardware, backsplashes and more. Color is extremely important in white kitchens and bathroom. Too much white can make a space feel cold or impersonal. It may require a little more cleaning than traditional woods and colors, but a clean kitchen or bathroom is never a bad thing!

White is often used to open up small spaces that housed dark kitchens and bathrooms of years past. It's near timeless look and feel looks great and creates an elegant kitchen space for cooking and gathering.

View some examples of white kitchens and bathrooms.

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