Hermey the designer? Imagining our holiday favorites as designers!

What makes a good designer? We'd like to think we know a thing or two. As the holidays quickly descend upon us, we pick some of our favorite holiday characters and "assess" how well they might have done as kitchen designers.

Holiday Kitchen Designers

Buddy the Elf - despite solid experience in decorating based on his limited work at Gimbels, there is concern that Buddy would focus primarily on color schemes and knowing "what's your favorite color". Food storage is another potential area for concern as you try to get him to think beyond the 4 main elf food groups - candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.
Designer Potential Rating: 6

Frosty the Snowman – a truly outgoing personality, Frosty’s blatant partiality to refrigeration, would create kitchen designs with multiple refrigeration options and few to no cooking appliances so as to avoid any "issues".
Designer Potential Rating: 2

Bob Cratchit – as Ebeneezer Scrooge’s right hand man, Bob definitely knows how to work with a limited budget. There is little doubt that he would carefully design a kitchen or bathroom to get the most out of every dollar and penny spent. His friendly nature and strong sense of family would form an instant connection with most anyone.
Designer Potential Rating: 7

Hermey the Elf - clearly a people person, Hermey's personality would work well with most everyone. The true risk is how much passion he has for design and if it is just another “side job” like the elf gig as he pursues his true dream of dentistry.
Designer Potential Rating: 5


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – while a career in actual design does not look promising, Rudolph could add tremendous value to any project pre-inspection or construction phase. His eco-friendly nose is great for exploring crawl spaces and other tight nooks and he can light up a sink base like nobody’s business when it comes time to hook up the plumbing.
Designer Potential Rating: n/a

The Grinch – no doubt the one you have to keep an eye on! His manipulative ways can trick anyone, from a small child such as CindyLou Who to an entire town. But….if you can make that connection and break through that toughened exterior….his heart might grow just enough that you might have a chance. If not, then maybe he could work in delivery as his skills navigating treacherous winter weather are legendary.
Designer Potential Rating: 1

George Bailey - with his friendly nature and passion for living, plus his experience in housing and construction at the 'ol building and loan, George seems like a natural to move into kitchens and baths. With additional experience in financing options and a large clientele list, a future in kitchen and bath design looks bright for George.
Designer Potential Rating: 9

No matter what the time of year is, finding the right kitchen designer is one of the most important parts of planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel. While we think ours here at Reico Kitchen & Bath are pretty special, we know you will know when you’ve found the one…and just like your favorite holiday character, you’ll feel right at home with them. Happy Holidays!

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