Color Me Pleased: Making a Bathroom Remodel Work

Maryland Bathroom Before and After by ReicoDeciding to do a bathroom remodeling project, let alone any remodeling project, is always a big decision.  Part of that decision involves deciding how big the scope of the project will be.  A full tear out is always easiest to design because the space is opened to change and virtually nothing is off limits, yet it still is difficult as the number of decisions to be made can be staggering. 

Similarly, deciding to keep certain items in a space can save on money and decisions, but can present limits and other challenges when working in the space.  This was exactly the challenge at hand for Jen Denham, Designer for Reico Kitchen & Bath’s White Plains, MD showroom in a Tall Timbers, MD bathroom remodeling project. 

For Jen, the biggest challenge of this bathroom remodeling project was color matching.  The clients had elected to keep their original bathroom vanity cabinet, a light oak cabinet that had mellowed and turned golden over the years.  It took many tries to tie together all the elements in the bathroom in a way that would complement the existing vanity.  Striking a balance of dark and light colors in the wall tile, granite countertop, shower tile accents and Duraceramic floor tiles took patience.  Finding that balance, including the paint color chosen by the client, created a blended mix that worked well together and helped pull colors off one another.  A Kohler Frameless Revel Shower door in an Anodized Brushed Nickel finish replaced a framed, non-transparent shower door to make the space feel a little bigger as well.  Moen fixtures with a Brushed Nickel finish in the shower and on the bathroom vanity top further complimented the new shower door nicely.Shower Before and After by Reico

Once the balance in colors was struck, the focus was on updating the bathroom design.  It was important to the clients that the look and feel of the redesigned bathroom mesh well with the style of the rest of the home.  Communication, a focus from the beginning, became especially important during this time.  There was consistent back and forth communication throughout the project to keep everyone on the same page.  Flooring was sourced from a local vendor, so communication was even more critical in coordinating colors and the timing of the installation with the other work to be done.  The clients were extremely patient, and having a little bit of a sense of humor only helped to make the project more enjoyable for everyone. 

For Jen, the project was a lesson in working with color.  “It’s a lot easier starting from scratch when you have the freedom to make almost any color choices you want”, said Denham.  “Having to work off an existing piece makes it harder coordinating different colors and patterns to make sure one doesn’t overwhelm the other.  And it makes the communication with the client and their understanding of the choices they are making and what is going on in the project even more important than it already is.”

The result?  A bathroom that the client loves and enjoys using day in and day out. 

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