Top Tips from Designers for Your Bathroom Remodel

In the U.S., a 2018 study showed that 58% of people indicated that they planned to spend money to renovate their homes. That’s more than half of all homeowners that are planning to renovate at least one room in their home. 


Bathrooms in particular tend to take a lot of wear and tear quickly and often. It’s no surprise.  You are constantly using it to shower, bathe, get ready in the morning, before getting into bed at night and more. But chances are you’ve never renovated a bathroom before. You want a better bathroom that is more fun and functional.  Maybe this will be your dream bathroom, which can be even harder to envision when you’re never gone through the process before. Take it from people like the experts at our Reico Kitchen & Bath showrooms who have done it countless times, and heed some expert advice before you begin.

Know the Scale

Contractor Danny M. says that “[n]obody can help a client envision what their bathroom will look like finished better than a professional designer. This not only helps you have a clearer picture of what you want, but also allows the contractor to provide a complete itemized quote based on that design without having excessive ‘change orders’ along the way.”


Some bathrooms need an entire remodel, where you’re tearing down walls, changing out your fixtures, or moving plumbing and lighting around. The larger the scale of your bathroom remodel, the longer it is going to take. This means it is essential to consult with a professional designer who can give you the do’s, don’ts and pointers on what you want or need in the scope of your individual project.


The details can take a long time. Just choosing finishes alone can take longer than you would expect, especially when considering multiple options and finishes that just make it more difficult to decide. There is always the chance that when you finally do decide, a finish could be back-ordered. Deciding on things as early on as you can is huge, and may just help speed the process along for you, your designer, and your contractors.

Lighting is Everything

Lighting plays a huge role in determining the mood of a room. “Our association of orange-ish light with feelings of warmth and relaxation is probably evolutionary and originates from our earliest ancestors who, for both warmth and safety from predators, made sure to light a fire at night,” says lighting designer David Hakimi.


The lighting in your bathroom influences all the feels, whether you are going for a warm feel or you want to mimic natural light for a more crisp, natural feel. You can also choose lighting that’s flexible and you can change as you choose. Whatever you select, it is going to influence the atmosphere of your entire room.  

Lay Out the Layout

Choosing the configuration for your bathroom that best suits your lifestyle is a pivotal element of your bathroom design. This bathroom is the one that you’re going to be moving around in every day. Making sure the design flows well can make or break your design.


Talk to your designer to maximize the footprint and all of the space that you have. Think of the bathroom as the whole picture, and what will be most effortless and efficient for you as you move around. Once you’ve got the layout figured out, you can then start pinning down the smaller details.


Says Reico Kitchen & Bath Designer Jen Denham, “We understand that most of our clients are remodeling a bathroom for the first time.  We help them understand their design options and guide them to more timeless trends and design elements that create a bathroom they can love for years and years to come.” 

Your Needs Come First

When you are thinking of your bathroom remodel, it’s fun to dream of a luxurious space full of all the bells and whistles. You can still create that luxurious space when you go with the right designer, but you might not always have the budget for everything you were originally planning for.


Before you begin, think of how you are using your bathroom today and how you want to use your new bathroom.  Is it the same, or does your vision for the new bathroom look different? Is it going to be designed just for you, or are you going to be sharing your space? How often are you really going to take a bath? How much room do you have in your current space, and how is it working for you now?


Create a priority list of your needs...and wants.  A good designer can often help you get all the things you need, but might have to cut back a little on the wants.  Collaboration is key! A practical design that works well will make all the difference in your bathroom, and create a more functional lifestyle for you.  The more you participate in the process with your wants, needs, likes and more, the easier the process and the job just might feel.   


Ready for the bathroom remodel of your dreams?  Or the bathroom you need to quickly update? We’re ready to assist you with any bathroom remodel and all the expert tips that you need. With decades of experience under our belts, we’ll work together to find exactly your bathroom will need to come to life. Request a consultation with Reico Kitchen and Bath today, and get ready to watch your renovation unfold before you.

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