Where to Splurge on and Where to Save on Your Bathroom Remodel

There’s no doubt about it: one of the things homeowners are most worried about when planning their bathroom remodel is their budget. You know what you have in mind for your dream bathroom, but you’re not sure you have the means to get there.


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we understand the pressure you’re facing when it comes to your bathroom remodel. While you might not have experienced it before, you can rest assured that we have. We love guiding homeowners on exactly how to get the most out of their bathroom remodel, even if they have to follow a budget.

Bathroom Tech - Save!

While bathroom technology is a fun addition to your remodel, it’s not something that’s necessary to make your remodel amazing. Digital vanity mirrors and fancy toilets are details that aren’t going to be noticed when someone walks into your bathroom, and you can still feel like you’ve made a luxury upgrade even though you don’t have those small bells and whistles. 


Additionally, bathroom technology is in a rapid state of change right now. If you decided to splurge and get the tech, chances are it’s going to change in a few months.  


If you absolutely must have some technology in the bathroom, we suggest going for anything that makes your water temperature controls easier. Saving yourself time on adjusting your water between too hot and too cold can end if you decide to splurge. Another fun one? Heated floors.


You don’t have to spend a lot to make sure you’ve got great lighting, but it’s definitely not what you’re going to want to skimp on. Lighting can make or break a bathroom, and dim lighting can make your bathroom feel even smaller than it actually is.


Make sure you have your overhead lights designed to light up your bathroom naturally, and add task lighting as necessary. Accent lighting can add another layer to the space, and is a moderately priced splurge that kicks the whole look of your bathroom up a notch. You can find a number of chandeliers, sconces, and pendants that won’t ruin your budget.

Showerhead - Splurge!

A recent Houzz Bathroom Trends Study said that the number one thing that homeowners want to do in their bathroom is give their master showers an upgrade. 11 percent of them even went so far as to say that they plan to give up their bathtub to make room for a better shower.


Again, this is another spend that can but doesn’t necessarily have to cost you too much but can make a huge difference. A nice new showerhead with massage settings, rain shower, or dual showerhead combination will turn your bathroom into a luxury space for you to relax.

Bathroom Designer - Splurge!

Don’t kid yourself.  Creating your dream bathroom is a big deal. Putting it in the hands of an expert means you’re going to love your bathroom more than you ever could have imagined and for more years than you could have imagined as well.  The other option? Having to remodel it again because of mistakes in the design or products selected. You don’t want to waste money by having to remodel twice. 


A luxurious bathroom isn’t necessarily created by how much money you’re able to spend, but how thoughtfully planned the space has been. Creating a getaway in your bathroom starts getting a bit easier when you start out by adding the right designer on your team.  Otherwise you face an experience that can be overwhelming when you have to go it alone.

Sink - Save!

Yes, you can actually get a great sink without having to blow your entire budget. In many instances, it’s the way you accessorize your sink that matters, not always the sink itself. Standard undermount sinks that keep your vanity countertop flat and maximized for landing space are nothing to be ashamed of in your bathroom. Honestly, it can be very difficult to tell the difference between a designer sink and one that saved you a ton of money.

Cabinets - Splurge!

Luckily, when it comes to most bathrooms, the demands for vanity cabinets aren’t very large. That means that depending on your bathroom size and layout you might not have to spend a fortune on the cabinets you want to redo.  Regardless though of how many cabinets you need, even updating just one single vanity cabinet can make a huge difference on the look, feel and convenience of your bathroom. Your cabinets get a fresh new update and you’ll have more room to store the things that you always seem to have lying around cluttering up your space.

Shower Tiles - Toss Up!

You’ve got a choice to make on this...we see opportunities to save or splurge here.  You can save some here and try to replicate a designer look on a budget when it comes to your shower floor and your shower tiles. Choosing a budget material on the tiles helps you save for the areas that make a bigger impact. To pump up your look, you can add some simple accent areas that will make your shower walls pop.


That being said, what is it you might want to splurge on? A curbless shower. Curbless showers can make your bathroom feel much more spacious.  Depending on your space and design changes, this might not end up actually being as much of a splurge as you might expect with pricing that might even be in the same ballpark as getting a curbed shower in some cases.

Shower Controls and Plumbing Fixtures - Splurge!

Maybe our favorite splurge of all. If you’re tired of your rusty old dial shower control, this is a spend that will make you feel happier every time you turn on the shower. You can choose from relatively inexpensive digital shower controls that let you set your perfect temperature every time you hop into the shower.


Speaking of tired old things in your bathroom, if your plumbing faucets, fixtures and accessories need updating, it’s something to splurge on. Your fixtures tend to be a focal point in your bathroom, and opting for nice materials and finishes that match with the overall design of your bathroom is a game-changer. Copper, satin brass, and polished nickel are all great go-to’s.


If you have a bathroom remodeling project that you’ve been dreaming about, contact us today. We’ll take you through the process step-by-step. Going over everything you’re looking for, in detail, is our top priority.  Until you’re sure you’re going to love every single part of your remodel, we won’t stop. 


Get started with your bathroom remodel today. We can’t wait to plan your new bathroom.

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