Kitchen Case Study Aberdeen NC

The Challenge

Reico Kitchen & Bath Southern Pines, NC designer Nancy Knickerbocker started working on a kitchen project that seemed straightforward—just a cabinet, range, and hood vent replacement. However, the project took an unexpected turn when it was discovered that the existing peninsula wall cabinets lacked proper support. The necessary infrastructure to sustain cabinets was nonexistent. Upon receiving this news, the customers promptly reached out to Nancy, who was on-site quickly to assess the situation.

The Customer’s Goals

With the removal of the peninsula wall cabinets from the equation, the kitchen design pivoted to adapt to the available space. The primary focus was on maintaining storage, especially considering the absence of wall cabinets.

Simultaneously, it was crucial to consider cost, construction, and time factors. The customers were expecting a swift refresh rather than an extensive renovation. With the added element of a pregnancy, the designer Nancy prioritized finding a project solution that aligned with everyone's needs.

The Ideas

Cabinet Selection

Stock Cabinets

The most important factor for designing this kitchen was the use of cabinets in stock. If Nancy could not make stock cabinets work, the project would have to rely on semi-stock or custom cabinets which would add cost and time that the customers did not have. Reico Express in-stock cabinets gave Nancy the flexibility to know exactly what she had to work with immediately.

Taller & More Ornate

The upgraded wall cabinets are taller than the previous ones, increasing the storage space without altering the kitchen's space. This extra storage was crucial given the removal of the peninsula wall cabinets. Adding crown molding to the new wall cabinets added a finishing touch and contributed to making the small kitchen feel more spacious from front to back.

Cabinet Accessories

Added Drawer Space

To optimize space, drawers were added wherever possible. The updated design made better use of the available space with additional base drawers for storage. This gained storage not only enhanced the overall functionality of the kitchen but also simplified daily cooking for the family, providing a designated spot for less frequently used pots and pans.

Lazy Susan

For both storage and functionality, Nancy focused on optimizing the existing space. The addition of a Lazy Susan cabinet transformed the corner into a more efficient area for the homeowners. Usually, in a blind corner cabinet, items stored in the back are hard to access. With a Lazy Susan, a simple turn allows for easy visibility and access to everything stored in the space. It's a practical solution that simplifies organization.

Overall Design

Open Design

A key advantage of the updated design is its ability to create a more open kitchen layout. In the former configuration, the peninsula wall cabinets served as a visual barrier, separating the kitchen from the dining area and the rest of the home. By just putting in a vent gather around the kitchen without getting in the way of the work triangle.

Relocating the Microwave

To optimize storage, the microwave was shifted from the wall to the countertop. This not only regained valuable wall cabinet space but also strategically positioned the microwave outside the central "work triangle" of the sink and range. This ensures a minimal impact on both kitchen functionality and the overall design.

The Deep Sink

Instead of a traditional double sink, the new kitchen features a deeper, single sink paired with an off-center faucet. This design reduces the space beneath the sink without sacrificing functionality. Since plumbing occupies much of the under-sink area, the increased space in the deeper sink has significant value in a smaller sized kitchen.

Illuminate the Space

Eliminating the soffit not only expanded the window but also created the illusion of a larger space. The area over the sink calls for task lighting, and introducing a pendant light in this spot proved to be the perfect solution.

The Result

The front room seamlessly blends with the kitchen for a more coordinated look and feel. This update was crucial for a growing family planning to eventually sell. It ensures their kitchen aligns with home and market expectations, preventing any outdated features from affecting their enjoyment now or any future asking price when transitioning to a larger space

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