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The Reico Kitchen & Bath Internship Program was developed in 2014 to offer college students in a design or design-related program who are considering a career in the kitchen and bath industry the opportunity to get real life work experience in the kitchen and bath field working at Reico Kitchen & Bath.  This opportunity can also be a first step into a career at Reico (read "You've Completed Your Internship at Reico Kitchen & Bath. Now what?")

Securing a Reico Kitchen & Bath internship is a competitive opportunity. We receive a large number applicants year round for positions at our 24 locations.  While the internship program is primarily for students in their junior or senior year, it is never too early to start the conversation by completing our interest form.  So don't wait! 

The Reico Kitchen & Bath internship is a paid position. The program is 6 weeks long, totaling approximately 210 hours, and is offered year round.  During the time of your internship, you will participate in a mostly structured curriculum that covers the following areas of learning and experience:

    • Product Training (40 hours):  Training on cabinets, countertops, appliances, tile, hardware, sinks, faucets, plumbing fixtures and more products in person and online.
    • 2020 Design Training & Support (42 hours):  Covering basic to advanced design training in 2020, leading to working on actual client designs in 2020 via the direction and instruction of Reico teammates.
    • Process/Systems Training & Support (50 hours):  Learning the Reico process with retail and trade clients, leading to working on actual aspects of a project primarily in quoting, quote presentation and order double-checking.
    • Field Experience (42 hours):  Spending dedicated time in the field observing kitchen and bathroom project field measures, design consultations, deliveries, installations and new business development.
    • Showroom (24 hours):  Greeting potential clients and create a positive first impression for their visit to our showroom, shadow designers in the showroom during design appointments and get firsthand customer service experience.
    • General (12 hours):  Including but not limited to new hire process, basic equipment training, Reico University online training courses, participation in scheduled company training during internship time, progress meetings and lunch with branch manager, learning “after-sale” aspects of the business for retail and trade customers. 

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