2023 Kitchen Trends

If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, then you may be wondering what the latest trends in kitchens are to help you decide what would work best for you and your space. Well, the good news is that in 2023 we are expecting to see some exciting developments in kitchen design! Here are a few of the top trends to watch for:

Bold colors

Gone are the days when neutral kitchens dominated. Even the all-white kitchen is seeing pops and splashes of colors from countertops, backsplashes and second finishes that contrast the foundational white color.  In 2023, we are expecting to see a lot more color in kitchen design, with deep, rich tones like navy and emerald green leading the way. If you are only feeling a little adventurous, adding a colorful backsplash or some brightly colored appliances might just be the splash of color your kitchen needs for a final change or focal point.

Reico Designer Lauren Hunt, of Charlotte, NC advises her clients that the use of bold colors varies depending on their goals. “Are they planning on staying in the home for just a few years? Fixing it up to sell or rent? If they have resale in mind, they are best served by staying neutral. However, clients who are planning to stay in their home for years to come should not fear bold colors or trendier designs. If they love that dark green island, there is no reason to worry that a buyer 10 or 15 years down the road won’t like it.”

“I try to remind my clients, “If you have to live with it, you should love it.” The same goes for clients who feel they need to follow trends even if they don’t really like them. Don’t design for someone who isn’t living in your home!”

Mixed materials

Another big trend is the use of mixed materials in kitchen design. In simple terms, this is the combining of woods and finishes in cabinets, or stone and quartz with wood or other countertop material, to create a kitchen that is unique and full of character.  It can also be a more textural effect, with different finishes and textures creating distinct looks and feels, adding warmth and defining the space to your specific vision.

Sustainable materials

More and more homeowners are looking for ways to make their kitchen more eco-friendly. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.  Countertops is a common choice, offering product options that are recycled or repurposed. Reclaimed wood is another popular consideration, with applications for both open shelving or as a second countertop. 

Additionally, look for more products touting their origins in sustainable sourcing and production.  Annapolis, MD Reico Designer Katherine Dashiell notices that people are using old wood or other items for open shelving or countertops. “Sometimes people save old brick from the house or old wainscot to reuse elsewhere. I would say that the green design I’ve been dealing with is more aligned with donating old cabinets rather than trashing

Smart technology

Technology continues to make its way deeper and deeper into the kitchen, much to the benefit of the user. From smart assistants to capture shopping lists or play music to more smart features on appliances, this trend will only continue growing.  Touchless faucets not only offer convenience but are also more water use conscious.  Smart ranges and refrigerators offer conveniences both while you are in the kitchen or away from it but connected through a smartphone app.  Not to mention programmable lighting to greet you in the morning or to turn on toe kick lighting at night to make your kitchen safer to navigate. 
Reico Fredericksburg, VA Designer Cat Neitzey tells clients that, “adding Smart technology to the kitchen helps make the most of appliances, lights and faucets. Smart appliances let you work smarter rather than harder, preheat your oven on the way back from a game, voice command a faucet with water temperature and volume with occupied hands and control your lights while you are away. It is a real opportunity to take more control of your home and time.”

Functional storage

One trend that never leaves is the focus on functional storage and the cabinet accessories to achieve that. From tried and true options such as trash and recycling centers, pullout pantry storage and drawer organizers, to touch automated accessories that open doors or bring the items to you, your options for functional storage continue to grow and grow. Being more intentional with your storage helps free your space to make room for fun and beautiful pieces in your kitchen like floating shelves or lit glass upper
wall cabinets.

It takes a thorough conversation with your Reico designer to identify how you use the kitchen, what you use in it and how you move around to create a cabinet design that builds in the storage solutions you need. “It’s definitely possible to overdo it. Not all Pinterest trends are a good fit for everyone,” added Lauren.

“When I meet with clients, I recommend they go home and really think about it. How they are organizing their kitchen, and what their actual needs are. Do you have multiple sets of cutlery? Then a tiered divider might be a good option. But if you have really bulky cutlery, a standard divider might be a better choice. If you have a small kitchen, you want to make use of every square inch of storage, so maybe we put tray storage above the fridge instead of sacrificing base cabinet space. Storage is not a one-size-fits-all. Decisions should be intentional. The types of questions I’m asking will help to create an efficient use of space,” says Lauren.

Kitchen Trends Takeaways

The kitchen remodel trends of 2023 are exciting!  From bold and mixed to smart and sustainable, with functional storage a constant but exciting trend and kitchen features, there has never been a more exciting time to remodel the kitchen. Whether you are planning a full renovation or just looking to update a few key elements, there is bound to be something that inspires you. 
The important thing is to make decisions that reflect your personal taste and meet the needs of you and your family. Contact Reico today or find the showroom nearest you to discuss design ideas and let us collaborate on creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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